I hope as you’re reading this post you are looking forward to 2013 with anticipation, excitement and wonder at what might lie ahead.

I certainly am.

This year over 35,000 people have visited Simple Life Strategies and I’m super grateful to each and every one of you who has spent a few minutes getting involved. I really do hope everyone who visits this site takes away something that will make their day a little easier.

The strategies on this site won’t provide you with all the answers – in-fact I believe that everyone already has everything they need to succeed within. What I do hope is that the Simple Life Strategies on this site may trigger your own inner success so that you can start to leave behind things like stress, fear and negative thinking.

My vision has always been to help others live their lives more successfully with less stress, and seeing so many people get involved this year really has made the hundreds of hours I’ve devoted to this project worthwhile.

So, today I thought I’d share with you some of the most popular Simple Life Strategies from 2012 so that you can review some successful living techniques to make 2013 your most outstanding year yet.

Have a read through a few of the Simple Life Strategies below and perhaps pick just one thing to focus on in 2013.

In my experience, focus is one of the most important skills we can ever learn (in-fact I will be teaching focus sessions as a part of my successful living course which will launch in 2013 so look out for this).

When you’re focused on one thing it does a couple of things  – firstly it stops the incessant inner voice from driving you crazy!!! And secondly it maximizes your productivity.

I’ve worked with productivity gurus in the past and it’s true that focus really is the key to getting stuff done quicker than everyone else. When you’re really focused, your mind is quiet and nothing else exists except the one thing you’re focused on. It’s a great feeling.

So today – have a read through a few of the most popular articles from 2012. Pick the ones that jump out at you first and then choose just one of them to focus on for 2013.

25 Simple Life Strategies for an Amazing 2013

Here are the most popular Simple Life Strategies from 2012…enjoy.

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