Sometimes we look for inspiration in the wrong places. In my opinion it’s not just the obviously ‘iconic’ people that have all the answers, like the Einsteins and the Richard Bransons of the world.

Sometimes you find inspiration in strange places, like wisdom from your grandmother, a learning from a friend or a neighbour, a snippet of insight from a TV show even. It’s everywhere if you look for it.

And so this week I’ve looked to a Hollywood movie franchise for inspiration. Mainly because I don’t think we should put limits on how or where we are inspired to think differently, or motivated to change for the better.

I’ve always loved this quote by the Jedi Master Yoda from the Star Wars movies:

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

So true. You can’t ‘try’ to do something. Try and pick up a pen now. Go on. Try to do it.

You can’t.

We can only take action when we commit to ‘doing’. Trying simply does not exist.

And so today I’ll share with you a collection of quotes from the Jedi Master that is Yoda. Yes he’s not real, yes he speaks back to front and yes he is green and has very large ears – judge him not though, for much wisdom he speaks! (and now I’m starting to talk like him…oh no.)

Read through the quotes below slowly and with an open mind. Who knows perhaps some of Yoda’s Jedi Wisdom will rub off on you…hmmmm.

Wisdom from Yoda: 10 Inspiring Quotes

Yoda Keep Calm Quote

Yoda Quote

Yoda Dark Side Quote

Yoda Do or Do Not Quote

Yoda Child Quote

Yoda Fear Quote

Yoda Unlearn Quote

Yoda Size Quote

Yoda Control Quote

Yoda Mistake Quote

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