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Revealed: How I designed my Dream Career (+ the Biggest News of my Life)

January 31, 2017
Zoë B

So…I haven’t mentioned this yet…or made it official…but…I’m pregnant! Yep almost 6 months now (scroll down to the bottom to see a wee pic). It’s been an amazing ride, lots of ups and downs, but all round a magical experience….

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make 2015 your year

How to Make 2015 YOUR year

January’s a bit of a weird month isn’t it? There’s a lot of pressure to set big lofty goals, get all of our shit into order and generally become better than we were last year. While this is all great…

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What to Do When You Feel Like Quitting

That’s it. Enough is enough. Every single day I work my butt off to try and make a difference, to try and do something with my life. But it’s hard. And today I can’t be bothered. Today I feel like…

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You’re overwhelmed…but did you know this is why?

I felt like the world was caving in on me. The ceiling and the walls were getting smaller and smaller and closer and closer. The sweet pungent smell of suffocation began to envelope all of my senses. And I recognized…

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What Miley Cyrus, smelling roses and excited puppy dogs have in common and why you need to know now. Intrigued?

I read a few weeks ago that despite having recently had a number one album in the US, Miley Cyrus is more unhappy than she has ever been. Now before I explain the relevance of roses and puppy dogs, just…

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How to Set Three Simple Intentions for 2014

So it’s the second week into 2014. How are you tracking? Have you had time to take a few moments and decide on what you’re focus will be for the year? For me, this year I’ve decided to set three…

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A New Year; a New You?

As 2013 comes to an end and we face the start of a new chapter, a new leaf, a new segment of our lives that is yet to be decided, it can be the perfect time to stop for a…

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Get Organised this XMAS with a Free Printable XMAS Planner

Xmas can be a stressful period. There’s so much to squeeze into such a short period of time and before you know it the year is racing towards 25th December and you are nowhere near organized. You’ll be pleased to…

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Do You Know Who You Are?

It’s a confronting question but one that I believe needs to be asked: Do you really know who you are? If I was to ask you: “What’s unique about you?”, could you answer? Or do you know more about your…

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10 Steps to Get Exactly What You Want

Have you ever really, really wanted something so bad that you can’t stop thinking about it? Yet the more you thought about it, the harder it seemed to get a hold of it? I’ve developed 10 really simple steps to…

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