“I believe that every human being deserves to know who they really are, what is unique about them and what they should be doing with their lives.”

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About Zoë B

Well hello there.

I’m Zoe B. Nice to e-meet you.

How’s your day going so far?

Good I hope.

So I bet you’re wondering who I am & how I can help you?

Let’s get the formal bits out of the way shall we.

If you’re looking for a job description then I’m a Strategist.

I believe that every human being on the planet deserves success – both in business and life.

And this starts with defining your own version of success.

I’m here to help you find success in your business and life.

If you’re here, you’re smart, you’re a thinker…and you have a huge desire for success. But maybe your career isn’t ticking all the boxes.

Maybe you dream of setting up your own side gig and working for yourself, doing something you LOVE and care about without burning out.

Either way, you know that you’re destined for so much more.

It’s OK. I ‘m here to help. I’m here to hand you a torch-light on the dark path. To throw some light on the subject of your dreams. I get it I really do. I know just how this story goes.

I know…because I used to be just like you.

Lets rewind a bit.

My life story

I spent 12 years in corporate Advertising. At 22 I worked at a bigshot Ad Agency in London. Our free bar and rooftop terrace overlooked

Harrods. There was afternoon croquet on the immaculately astro turfed lawn. (I’m not joking)

It was all glamour. Free bar. Great parties. Good money. Fast forward 5 years and I took a leap. Moved to the other side of the world in search of sunshine. Worked for more global brands and smashed deadline after deadline.

When I was 27 I co-founded a boutique marketing agency. Worked with more big brands like Paramount Pictures, Sony and Woolworths.

While all of this was going on, I began to have a realization that I wasn’t quite happy. I enjoyed many aspects of my life and my business.

But I didn’t feel 100% fulfilled.

 andAnd so I went on a journey to find out what would fulfill me. I spent a good few years training in Neuro Linguistic Programing, Coaching, Positive Psychology. Neuroscience. Strategic thinking. I got to know myself and what I really stood for in life.

I discovered what kind of life would really inspire me. And it dawned on me what I should be doing with my life. And now here I am teaching everything I have learned to others.

I’m teaching you everything I learned on my journey to founding a successful million dollar business.

I’m sharing my lifestyle business journey where I now work part time, make great money, do something I love and deeply care about.

But really I’m here to make sure you’re not just treading water in your career.

Because life is short and we have to step up if we want to taste success.

If you’re up for it, let’s go!

I can’t promise you it will be easy, but it will be an adventure. And let’s face it – you like a challenge don’t you?

To your success!

Zoë B

Professional Bio

Zoë B is an established strategist, coach & author. With over 12 years experience building strategic & creative solutions for global corporate brands such as Unilever, Sony & Paramount Pictures, Zoë brings unparalleled strategic thinking to everything she does.

Zoë’s career has seen her develop strategies for both corporate businesses and everyday people over the last decade. As a result, Zoë’s skill set spans a wide range of disciplines including; Creative Thinking, Marketing, Business, Positive Psychology, Solution Oriented Approaches, Problem Solving, Performance Coaching, Mentoring, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Hypnotherapy, Reiki energetic healing, Neuroscience and Rapid Learning Techniques.

Having achieved a highly prestigious 1st class honors degree in London, and co-founding a successful marketing agency in Sydney, Australia, Zoë has always strived to make the most of life & business. This commitment to personal growth has seen her go through her own career change and develop a strategic 6-step process to help others do the same.

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Zoë is a qualified coach (Diploma Neuro Linguistic Programming & Coaching: Institute of Human Technology) and offers strategic coaching for people who are looking to change careers. Zoë is passionate about her popular Find a New Career in 30 Days program developed for smart professionals to help them to get out of the rat race and into something they truly love. Zoë also works with a small group of private 1:1 platinum clients to help them successfully design the career of their dreams. Zoë is based in Sydney and offers skype consultations for international clients.

In 2012, Zoë featured in the Wentworth Courier as a ‘top blogger from the eastern seaboard’.  Zoë also regularly writes for the Huffington Post, leading global productivity site Lifehack & wellness magazine Mind Body Green.

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