Feel the Fear

All great people are fearless.

Is it something they’re born with?

Is it that they’re just not afraid of anything?

Is it that they’re perfect and therefore have nothing to fear?

Or is it that they have a better understanding of fear than most, and know how to deal with it?

In my opinion – it’s the last answer.

EVERYONE experiences fear. Because let’s face it – no-one’s good at EVERYTHING. Everyone has something that they struggle with, something that others can do better than them, something that might even seem ridiculous to others, but evokes feelings of dread in themselves.

Fear not (aha!) – no matter what your fears are, there are ways of dealing with them, because guess what?

Fear is all in the mind

Think about it. How many of your fears have ever come true? I’m guessing that most of them didn’t actually happen. In-fact research has shown that more than 80% of our worries or fears NEVER HAPPEN. Let me repeat that:

80% of our fears NEVER HAPPEN

In which case, what’s the point of having them in the first place?

Interestingly, our brain is only trying to help us when it creates a fear response. It ‘s often planning a ‘worse case scenario’ to prepare us for all situations. But it can be common for us to get into a habit of over-analysing and worrying more than is necessary.

So, we all experience fear, but are we aware just how much It’s affecting our lives? The truth is, our fears may have limited us in many ways that we’re not even aware of.

For example;

  • Have you ever stopped yourself from applying for a job due to fear of failure?
  • Have you ever stalled on a creative project because you worry what people will think of you?
  • Have you ever kept quiet at work because you fear that what you say will be judged?
  • Have you ever avoided approaching a potential partner just in-case he or she doesn’t like you?

What’s interesting about fear is that it’s completely unjust. If you take the above scenarios, what difference would it have made if you had taken action? For example – you go for a new job. Worse case scenario is that you don’t get the job – you’re still back to the original situation of looking for a job! Nothing has actually changed!

On the other hand, a really useful way of looking at fear is this:

You’ve got nothing to lose!

Simple Life Strategy: How to become FEARLESS

  1. The first step is awareness – often we don’t even realize how much of our day is spent worrying or fearing things! So start out by noticing when you’re experiencing feelings of fear
  2. Once you’ve noticed the fear inside you, remind yourself that it’s all in the mind and that 80% of fears NEVER HAPPEN
  3. Ask yourself – what’s the worst that can happen if I do this?
  4. Note down an action plan to deal with the worst possible scenario – often when we get our thoughts out of our heads and down onto paper we relieve ourselves from over-analysis
  5. Ask yourself – ‘what is this fear costing me’? It’s important to realize what you’ve got to lose by staying paralyzed by fear
  6. Take a deep breath and tackle your fear head-on – you may be surprised to find that ‘it wasn’t that bad after-all’
  7. Pat yourself on the back for being ‘FEARLESS’ – you could even reward yourself with a treat

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