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7 Tips To Avoid Bad Luck | Simple Life Strategy


When I was 24 I arrived in Australia looking for a job in Advertising. My intention was to migrate here for at least a few years. I had a one-way ticket. I had exactly 1 year’s experience and no visa. That’s right – I had already used up my working holiday visa when backpacking. This meant I needed to find an Ad Agency willing to sponsor me with a 4 year business visa. As I had only been working for a year I was looking for a very junior job – an account executive role.

I started out by going to see every single recruiter I could find. I’ll never forget this – but one of the recruiters said this to me:

You may as-well book your plane ticket home because there’s no way you’ll get sponsorship with your level of experience.

Was I deterred? No way! Hearing that sentence only made me want to prove them wrong! So – what did I do? Well I certainly didn’t feel sorry for myself or sit around waiting for an ad agency to offer me sponsorship! I jumped into action.

I pulled together a database of over 65 potential advertising agencies and I contacted them all. I knew I had to work really hard to stand out form my competitors, so I spent hours crafting an email that would (hopefully) get some attention. Here is the (pretty ballsy) email I wrote:

Dear Sally,

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. “ Steele, John (2001)

Quite simply I know that I have qualities that you want to know about. I implore you to give lady luck a break and give me the opportunity to reveal my passion for creative & strategic thinking.

Check out my CV, if you would like to inject bubbles of life into your agency, call me.

Zoë B

Phone number

There was another naysayer.

His reply was something like this:

‘Don’t give up your day job”.

I was getting some pretty bad luck …(or was I?)

Again…I persisted. The positive replies outweighed the negative so I chose to ignore the negative ones.  Afterall –

you can’t please all the people all the time

I remember thinking to myself that ‘it’s a numbers game’. Surely out of 65 agencies SOMEONE will take me on! It wasn’t an option for me to go back to the UK! I was determined to make it happen!

Eventually I had an interview with a company called Lavender. They didn’t have a role at the time, but liked my innovative approach with my email. They interviewed me and another hurdle popped up.

In order to sponsor me they had to pay me a wage that was a lot more than the going rate for the junior role I was looking for. What happened next was a huge shock. They didn’t retract their offer.

Instead, they offered me a promotion! I was offered a more senior role so that they could sponsor me. I jumped up to ‘Account Manager’ level with an increase in salary!

My eventual outcome was far better than I could have ever imagined and what was initially a limitation (needing a visa) contributed to a promotion and a salary raise!!

Having only heard the end result of my story you may have initially thought something like ‘Wow! That was a lucky break!’ But was it really luck? Or did I commit to what I wanted and persist, persist, persist until I got it!? On the flip side, others may have seen the challenges & hurdles I overcame (being told to get a plane ticket home, and to ‘not give up my day job’) and perceived those as ‘bad luck’.

I often look back fondly to the original quote that became my ticket to Australia (In fact I picked up my first Australian passport last week!):

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

I believe, we really do create our own luck.

Simple Life Strategy | 7 tips to avoid bad luck

Here are my top 7 tips for avoiding bad luck:

  1. Get clear about what you want
  2. Take Action!
  3. Persist, persist, persist!
  4. Ignore the naysayers – stay focussed on your goal
  5. Do whatever it takes to create your own good luck!
  6. Be ‘prepared’ for ‘opportunities’ – you never know when they might turn into good luck!
  7. Decide that ‘failure is not an option’ – As Will Smith said “I don’t have a plan B, I find it interferes with my plan A”

I would love to hear how you have created your own luck? Share your story with us by leaving a reply below.

Know someone who’s had bad luck recently? Share this article with them so they can turn things around!

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This is exactly what I needed. Im currently looking for employment as a DTP operator in an ad agency and am banging my head against walls. LOL. All I want to do is move closer to immediate family and work in a professional I know and love. Thanks for the inspiration to keep on trying.


Hey Debbie,
Thanks for the comment! Yes – persist we must.
There’s ALOT of ad agencies out there so keep going!
It’s all about ‘taking action’, plus it’s often a numbers game. If you send your CV off to enough agencies you’ll be sure to find something soon – let me know when you do 😉
Zoë B

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August 4, 2012 9:59 pm

I’ve recently started a site, the information you provide on this site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

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August 4, 2012 10:24 pm

I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks , I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your site?


Amazing article, thanks, I will bookmark you later!


actually i am biggest failure of exams and i used be a subject to foolish murmuring talks from my friends and my neighbours at any time my destiny changes


• After I read your 7 tips to void bad luck… With the loss of my other half I have being feeling down and depressed. Four years since He passed away…Depressed and feeling bad about myself isn’t doing any good. It is dragging me down. I started my small business as a used car dealer all on my own with up and downs and lately I am thinking… I am having a bad luck no sales, no money and feeling poor is the true. It may sounds funny called it any way you wanted to call it but here I am this are my 7 tips to void bad luck and get rid of my bad luck.
• 1.- I wanted to succeed in my business
• 2.- Action- Keep doing what I am doing pictures, phone calls, improved in my advertisement.
• 3.- Be persistent as always I have being.
• 4.- Ignore the naysayer. I can do it. Nothing will stop me from. I can get up and not let myself
• down. I am not afraid. I am not afraid If I will not make it on my own like a naysayer wanted to know.
• I can do this with me and for me “how about my family, my love, my pets and the ones that had help me.
• 5.- I will do whatever it takes to succeed, and be ahead without falling.
• 6.- Positive . Opportunities had knock on my door. I must take advantage.
Floor Plans, My Health, My new love they are here for a reason, and God knows why
• I have been blind and selfish just thinking about myself.
• 7 Fail is not my option. I must go on with my goal of succeed in my plan A. I do not need a plan B. I stayed focus and I will not let anything to interfere in my goal “my business” succeed. No more feeling sorry and thinking a about bad luck and negative thoughts. It was my choice to start this business and I must finished I must do it for me and the ones I love R, K, E, E, M, a, b, m. T, k1,k2 . All my priorities!!



I can’t help expressing the first thing that comes to my mind after reading this article (as well as many other motivational articles of similar content) – would the author have shared his/her experience, if the story didn’t have a happy ending? I regularly come across people who have achieved a certain goal and attribute their success to their hard work, good organization skills and persistence. I happen to know an equal number of talented people who made the same effort, but still couldn’t accomplish their goals due to setbacks caused by others, or merely due to bad timing or even due to certain unfortunate events that no-one could have foreseen or prevented.

My experience tells me that you can only exert influence over things which you can completely control, like your grades, your weight etc. Success is not guaranteed if you need to achieve something that fully or partly depends on others. It is NOT due to luck that you applied to Lavender, but the fact that they were so impressed by your approach WAS indeed a matter of luck…

My skepticism regarding such articles stems from the fact that they are based on a posteriori arguments – they are written because a particular “life experiment” succeeded, but no-one can prove that the reasons behind its success are solely your individual determination and skill, as every motivational speaker/author might claim…

I don’t mean to be rude – I’m only saying I’m skeptical… I used to apply a similar list to your 7 tips when I was a student and I graduated as a valedictorian, but when I had to apply the same mindset e.g. to my work life, I realized, it doesn’t work, simply because it ignores outside threats (and of course people’s attitudes) beyond your control.

Has Bill Gates been the only one around with this unique blend of knowledge on technology, management skills, brilliant ideas, persistence and/or amount of optimism? Certainly not! What prevents others possessing similar or even better character traits and skills to Bill Gates from earning as much as he does? It has to be luck! In order to succeed, you do need to be charismatic in certain ways, but you also need to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time… Otherwise your charisma will stay in the dark.

This is my humble opinion…


Absolutely bang on. What the author of the article fails to grasp is that merely having that persistence and dogged character is, by itself, a matter of luck. Depressed people who struggle to even get out of bed after years, yes years, of setbacks didn’t choose to be that way, yet tiresome ‘go getters’ like the author struggle to contain the ego telling them their success is all down to the way they choose to act, the harder they work the luckier they get baloney. As you point out there are legions of people who toil and struggle and work even harder than the author, but life repeatedly shits on them. Luck is born in the womb.


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