i've had enough

That’s it.

Enough is enough.

Every single day I work my butt off to try and make a difference, to try and do something with my life.

But it’s hard.

And today I can’t be bothered.

Today I feel like it’s all a big fat waste of time.

Like it’s not working.

Like all of this effort has been for nothing.

I mean, what’s the point?

Have you been there?

I’ve been there…that moment where you feel like the whole world is against you…like nothing’s going your way and no matter how hard you try you just keep facing more and more resistance, hurdles, challenges…problems! ARGHGHGH!

It’s enough to make you scream out loud (believe me I often do). And retreat back to an ordinary, safe, comfortable life.

You know, I’ve had moments where I’ve felt like that with this blog. Where I’ve wondered – “Is anyone even reading this??”.

I worked it out the other day and over the past 2 years I’ve spent over 400 hours of my time writing posts in the hope that they will somehow help someone, somewhere around the world. I don’t get paid. I do it because I am drawn to do it. Because I’ve got stuff I want to share with the world. Because I want people like you to fall in love with your life a little. And ultimately because I know deep down inside that this is a part of my life purpose on the planet.

You know it’s at times like these, when we hit rock bottom, when we feel like we can’t go on – that we must reach deep down inside and find our own personal power.

I get it. It’s hard to be positive when you’re on the treadmill…when nothing’s working out…when you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

But let me let you in on a secret:

These moments where its tough as hell and all you want to do is the opposite of what you know you NEED to do – these are the moments that count. Whether it’s a health goal, a new diet, a new promotion, a new business or even a new relationship, the moments when you’re at your darkest are the ones that hold the secret to your success.

“There’s a reason why it’s never crowded on the extra mile.”

Because most people give up before they get there.

These are the moments that will get you to where you want to be.

These are the moments that will stand you apart from the rest.

These are the moments that will create your success.

‘Sometimes we have to look through the darkness to see the stars.”

Think of it like a rites of passage…part of the process. I like to tell my clients that if they are feeling these moments of hardship then great! It’s a surefire sign that they’re on the right track. Instead of using them as excuses or reasons to fail, we must rise up like the phoenix from the ashes! We must not let these moments beat us. We are stronger than that. We must simply refuse to fail!

Because in the grand scheme of our lives, what’s a few growing pains here and there?

Have you ever thought about how strange the concept of growth is? Think about it:

shell cracks

This applies to all aspects of nature…even childbirth! Ask any mother on the planet – growth ain’t easy girls!

Well personal growth is no different. So if you want to achieve great things in life, you must be ready to grow through the destruction.

But fear not young padawan.

What awaits you on the other side is far more beautiful than you can ever imagine.

In the past, when I’ve hit a point where I felt like quitting, I looked to others who had already been there. I mean if they’ve done it, then so can I right? So over the last year or so, I’ve collected a whole load of quotes that have inspired me to keep on going. You can check them out on my Pinterest board below (don’t forget to follow Simple Life Strategies too while you’re there). I hope this inspires you to keep going too.

Click here to go to my Never Give Up Quotes

Simple Life Strategy: What to do when you feel like quitting

1. Stay true to the way that you’re feeling. If you feel angry then allow yourself to fully feel those emotions and then move on

2. Quit worrying about what others may be thinking of you – this is YOUR life. So what if it’s taking longer than you thought, so what if you fell off the wagon a few times…Keep going

3. Know that it’s the moments of darkness that power us forward – how can you use this frustration to energise you to reach your goals?

4. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing? What is your vision beyond this?

5. Simple refuse to fail. Can’t fail if you refuse now can you?

If you’re still looking for more inspiration then I’d check out Lizzie Velasquez’s story…this woman was publicly humiliated and named the ‘ugliest woman in the world’ by 4 million people…yet she forged ahead to create the life of her dreams. This is her story.

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Do you ever feel like giving up? Go on, share your story in the comments below. Maybe you’ll help someone else by sharing what you’ve learnt?

Thanks for listening,


Zoë B

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