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Revealed: How I designed my Dream Career (+ the Biggest News of my Life)

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So…I haven’t mentioned this yet…or made it official…but…I’m pregnant!

Yep almost 6 months now (scroll down to the bottom to see a wee pic).

It’s been an amazing ride, lots of ups and downs, but all round a magical experience.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is because I was pondering why I’m so happy right now and I worked out that a huge amount of my happiness is coming from the WAY that I’m currently working.

It dawned on me the other day that I’ve created a stress-free career that I LOVE, that also fuels my perfect lifestyle and I want to share with you how this all came about…because I believe this is possible for you too.

I mean if I can do it, then so can you right?

Lets rewind a bit.

A few years back when I was designing my dream career, I wrote what’s called an ‘ideal lifestyle.’ This is something I teach in my Find a New Career in 30 Days program, and it’s a way of stepping into the future of your career dreams.

Your ideal lifestyle should in great detail, describe a vision of exactly how you want to be living & feeling and what you want to be doing in your dream career 3 years from now.

I’ve researched many of the happiest, most successful people on the planet, and they ALL had a crystal clear vision of what they wanted to create in their lives, before they went out and created it.

It’s almost like you need to create it first mentally, or on paper – and then you can go out and create it in reality.

Interestingly, one of the most important things for me was that my dream career would be flexible enough (and financially rewarding enough) to allow me to start a family and to bring a baby into the world.

I knew that I didn’t want to be working long hours or be too stressed out while I was pregnant – I wanted to be able to take it easy and rest when needed, while still growing my business at the same time.

So…this is the exact picture I painted.

In this ‘Ideal lifestyle’ I imagined switching my focus from 1:1 consultations to the development of an online business offering that would allow me to help more people all over the world, yet also free up my time so I could have my first baby without worrying about money, or stressing out over work.

I had no idea HOW I would make any of this happen, and yet I still put down this vision onto paper.

And you know, I actually dug out the piece of paper that I had scrawled my ideal lifestyle on all those years ago, and no word of a lie – pretty much EVERYTHING I wrote has since come true.

It actually brought tears to my eyes, because I could not believe just how much of what I wished for was now my reality.

In-fact I had vastly outdone everything that was written down – I had created an even better life than the one I wished for…I had achieved my dreams times ten!

Such an amazing feeling!

And I hadn’t even really noticed I’d done it.

Not until I went back and re-read what I’d written.

Isn’t that the best?

I guess you could say I’m living proof that you really can turn your wildest dreams into a reality!

Now, for the last 6 months in my pregnancy, I’ve been so blessed to have minimal work pressures (I actually could just do an hour of work a day – but to me, work is my passion so I actually prefer to work more because I love it so much!).

This has meant that in my first trimester – when I was horrendously sick and bed-bound for 6 weeks, I was fine to just take the time off.

NO big deal.

My business carried on growing…the wheels kept on turning….all because of the way I had consciously set it up as designed in my ideal lifestyle.

And now in my second trimester, I’m able to take naps when my body tells me to rest and I’m able to work as much or as little as I please.

And for me, it’s not about creating a magic solution so you don’t have to work.

I’ve found that this is a completely unfulfilled way of living because you ultimately lack purpose.

But what it has allowed me to do, is to work just enough (while respecting my body’s needs during pregnancy) so that I can continue to make a difference in the world.

All in all – it’s about creating a beautiful sense of balance in my life.

And this I believe is why I’m feeling so deliriously happy right now.

And the exciting thing is – that this is 100% possible for you too.

SO, if you’re wondering what the hell YOU want to do and what your dream career might be, then take a moment to consider how you want to be living in a few years time?

Get clear on the kind of lifestyle that will make YOU feel super happy and content.

Think about it…where do you want to be living? How do you want to be feeling? What hours do you want to be working and where from.

Get clear on what you really want to create.

Design your dream career on paper…

And then go do it.

It’s really that simple!

Our next step as a family is to take advantage of the location-independence we’ve created with our business.

This means, once the baby arrives, we can go to Italy for a month or the UK to see our families, all while growing the business and contributing to the world.

It means we have LOCATION – FREEDOM!

And to me that is so fricken exciting.

So that’s all really, I just want you to spend a moment to think about what is SUPER EXCITING for YOU.

To spend a moment creating your future.

We’re all different and what excites me might not be your cup of tea, so you need to work out what’s right for YOU.

What I do know though is this:

Only by getting that clarity first will you then be able to move forward and create a life and career that you LOVE.

And honestly, nothing in the world beats that.

Tell me in the comments below – what’s your ideal lifestyle? How would you like to be living in your dream career 3 years from now? I would love to know 🙂

With love

Zoe B

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9 Comments. Leave new

congratulations Zoe lm really happy for you.
l have no idea what my dream job is. l wish l did although l thoroughly enjoy playing with raw food and plants and herbs, l once thought about taking some classes myself and eventually holding my own classes..then again l feel an online business possibly importing to sell is the way to go and l even feel pulled in that direction sometimes. l currently work in at a minesite which is big money but it takes me away for long periods of time.
l just wanted to say that the title of your page said “How l designed my dream career”
then you go on to say how surprised you were to find the peice of paper with everything youd written youd accomplished and more..
lm happy for you, even though you didnt give away what happened between writing it and achieving it. How do you work out whats right for you.?
Congratulations and all the best.


Thanks Denise! I think I was surprised at how quickly and specifically everything I’d written down had come true. I did follow a bit of a process to get there (as-well as the ideal lifestyle part) – the best way to learn more about this is to come along to one of my free online masterclasses as I go through this in more detail 🙂 You can register for free here>> Zoe B 🙂


Congrats to you! In my ideal career I would love to be teaching, training and working with communities to improve their health. It would involve some travel, and I would have variety in my days. I could work from home or remotely once a week. To career creation!


Thanks Safiya 🙂 That’s great you’re interested in teaching 🙂 The world needs more inspired teachers!


Hi Zoe,

Congratulations for your lifestyle and having a baby!
I have a picture of my lifestyle dream!
As businesswise, i want freedom, passive income and helping people living their life better!
I am starting my online business in promoting personal development as an affiliate and i hope this will make me financial independent and be able to build my dreamed lifestyle!
The challenge is that i need to stay focus and believe with all my heart that this is going to offfer me financial results!
I would love having your opinion about my career path!


Congratulations Zoe !!! 🌸💖🙏🏻


Hi Zoe! Congratulations on your pregnancy….it is a miracle of life I hope to experience oneday soon. That is why I was drawn to your free webinar about creating a new career in 30 days, because I have had 4 miscarriages ( all unexplained) and I left my job to nurse myself back to health with one goal in mind – to heal my body so that I can have a baby. I’m not clear on what my life purpose is, but I do know that I need my work to bring fulfilment and gratification to me as well as meeting my material and non material needs. I have to go back into the market soon and possibly do a job I don’t like very much, but I am working on finding my purpose so I can live the life of my dreams with a baby!
I’m based in South Africa so it will be pricey to commission you to help me. I was wondering if you have any contacts my side of the world that can help me bring my dream life into reality.


Hello Zoe!
Congratulations on your amazing news, specially about the baby! 🙂
I thank you very much for all your special messages, it’s always a blessing to read them!
And I could relate a lot to the feeling of location – freedom you mentioned, now I can see it’s really amazing and special, and I could see it was my cup of tea! <3 I've been in Australia for a month and could work from there, and it really blew my mind!
With the heart full of joy and happiness,


Hi Zoe.. I am Himani ,29 from New Delhi, India. Congratulations on the baby first of all.. m sure the new person is going to enrich your soul in an altogether new way ! Zoe.. I was there at the webinar few days ago.. and I was extremely grateful to the universe to make me listen to you.. I have all my life changed different jobs looking for wat will give me the utmost satisfaction in life. Zoe I followed your strategy jus a few days.. which gave a whole lot of clarity to my multi ideas and wishes I have been discovering in me since last 5 years.. I have been into self healing that deals with our depths of the soul since 3 years.. and with all I have experienced n known about myself..And then finally now listening n following your strategy…
I feel what i’m genuinely good at is being people’s emotions manager.. this is what I did for myself and my friends all my life in tonns of situations and experiences.. but it’s not in a therapy or psychologist’s way… I have my own way from my own intense experiences in life and using the healing technique I have learnt with which I have worked on my self for 3 years..
I have always wanted a comfortable free lifestyle as you enjoy today.. n I have been trying to figure out how can I do that.. n how do I do a work which is exactly according to my wish.. reading about you.. I feel it’s 100% possible..
I know I am good at what I have finally narrowed and accepted myself as.. n I really want to make it a reality.. how I wish I could be with you personally.. or could buy your programme .. but right now im short of money.. hehe..
But I am nothing but positive that just buy following your blog I can organise my ideas even more on paper!😁😊☺
I would love to have a reply from you.


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