Beautiful soul ❤️

The bad news is – new years resolutions don’t work.

We all know this right?

I mean how many of your new years resolutions have actually come true? I’m guessing not many.

The thing is, I know exactly WHY they don’t work and I’m going to spill the beans…

There’s a few points to this.

Number 1: People rush in

When do you start planning your New Years Resolutions? I’d hazard a guess, it’s not something you’re carefully planning in October right? What I’ve seen is, because we’re so wrapped up in Xmas, by the time New Year’s Eve comes around, we feel compelled to have a resolution ready.

And yet we’re unprepared. So…we cobble together a few half-hearted goals to make us feel better about the year ahead.

Have you ever noticed that? Just the action of having any old new years resolution makes you feel temporarily better. Like you have a plan. Like 2019 is already under control.

Herein lies the first reason why they don’t work – lack of preparation and consideration.

Number 2: We have resolutions based on what we ‘should’ be doing

The second reason most resolutions bite the dust is because we choose things we feel we ‘should’ be doing. You know, lose 5kg, eat less sugar, be more like Oprah, do a daily gratitude practice, meditate more…blah blah blah.

The problem is ~ if these are things we think we should be doing, on some level, deep down, we don’t really want to do them. And guess what happens when we don’t really want to do something? We DON’T DO IT! Simple stuff huh?

Here’s what we need to be doing instead…

There’s actually one simple thing that we all need to do, to make 2019 a success. Not many people do this, but if we all did this one tiny thing, I KNOW the year ahead would be very, very different for us all (in a GOOD way).

What’s that one thing?

Figure out what success looks like.

It’s so freaking simple, but hugely effective.

And I don’t mean the ‘cliché’ version of success (money, house, fame etc), because THIS is where we go wrong. We look at what we’re told is success and assume that this must be success for us too. Well newsflash – it’s not. And this is why so many of us end up following the wrong path, the wrong career, the wrong marriage, the wrong everything.

So, let me ask you a question beautiful soul:

  • What does success look like for you?


  • What do you really want in 2019?


  • Is it to leave your corporate 9 – 5 and do something more meaningful?


  • Is it to start that business you’ve been dreaming of?


  • Is it to be a kinder, more loving person?


  • Is it to make it to yoga more than once a month?

But hey, don’t be fooled, there’s a strategic process to this stuff. So start broad, with broad desires (like the ones listed above), and then drill down deeper. Ask yourself why. And keep on asking why until you get to the core reason behind why you want what you want.

Only ~ once you’ve got to the core reason, do you know THIS is a resolution worth going after. This is the bit most of us don’t do.

Let me give you an example…

Say you’ve always wanted to start a business.

Ask yourself why.

Maybe on the surface it’s because you want to be your own boss.

But what does that mean? Why do you want to be your own boss? What does that give you?

Maybe it gives you freedom.

Again, why? Why do you want freedom?

Maybe it’s so you can spend more time with your friends & family.

So – your goal of starting a business, is really all driven by your desire to spend more time with friends & family.

And the reason why it’s so important is because if you don’t know the real reason why you’re starting a business, then you might start the wrong business.

If freedom & family is most important then there are businesses to definitely avoid (for example a start up which is VERY time intensive and would mean spending LESS time with your family). Instead you might want to start a ‘lifestyle business’ where the core goal is to maximise the time you spend working so you have a great work / life balance and the flexibility to see your family & friends.

These are just examples…you get the picture.

You need to know your WHY and the WHY beneath that and the one beneath that and so on.

Your WHY will make or break your goals for 2019, so it’s 100% worth taking the time to figure this stuff out.

So before you rush madly into 2019 with a set of half-hearted resolutions, STOP.

Give yourself the gift of time to work out what you really want. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Let me know in the comments what your goals are for 2019…only once you’re sure of your WHY though!

Love & endless gratitude to you beautiful soul ????????

Zoe B xxxx

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