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Have you ever really, really wanted something so bad that you can’t stop thinking about it?

Yet the more you thought about it, the harder it seemed to get a hold of it?

I’ve developed 10 really simple steps to help you get exactly what you want and I’m going to teach you them in just a moment. First you need to understand the thinking behind this approach.

Your thoughts are the key to your success

Do you pay attention to how you think about what you want? The thing is, most people don’t. Most people just let any old thought pop into their head and then go ahead and listen to that thought as if it were true and it knew what it was going on about.

The reality is – most of the thoughts inside our heads are utter nonsense. It’s true. We have over 70,000 thoughts every single day and to even comprehend listening to every single one would be ludicrous.

The problem is – no one teaches us anything at all about how to think. No one mentions that we actually have to take the time to train our minds so that we are thinking thoughts that are vaguely useful in our lives.

And so instead, we amble on aimlessly listening to thoughts that contribute to our ultimate demise and before we know it we are stuck in a comfortable job doing something uninspiring that we don’t really love and we’re dragging ourselves out of bed to live a life that’s completely second rate.

It’s sad but true.

Yet, we have the ability to pretty much live any life we want to. And I mean absolutely any life we want – if we just get a hold of our thoughts.

If you have spent time longing for something, a better life, a more inspiring life, a life filled with purpose, and it’s not shown up, then I can guarantee you one thing:

You’re thinking was off.

It’s true. And I’ve been there. Don’t get me wrong – this is a very common scenario. Most people on the planet have absolutely no idea about how to think in a way that will get them what they want. It just doesn’t come naturally. Yet there is a very specific process that when followed, will give you exactly what you want.

When we talk about what we want – we’re ultimately talking about creating certain situations, events or relationships in our lives that will make us feel good. Now, let me explain how the process of creation happens, because this is crucial when it comes to getting what you want. To create absolutely anything at all you have to go through these two stages:

Stage One:
First you imagine it.

This might sound odd, but think about it for a moment. Before anything can be created in real life, it has to be created in the mind first. It has to be imagined. So take any kind of technological innovation – such as the TV. Before the TV set could be physically created, someone had to have the ‘thought’ to create it. Only after this first stage of creation, could it then be created in the physical form.

Stage Two:
It is physically created

Only once you have a clear representation of what you want to create in your mind, can you then go about putting in place the action steps required to make it happen in the real world.

Where most people go wrong

Now this might all sound like really obvious stuff, but I can guarantee that you (like me and everyone else on the planet) will have been making one fatal mistake when it comes to getting what you want in life.

If any of these thoughts sound familiar to you, then that’s a sign that you’re thinking has been off in the past:

* Focussing on what you don’t have (not what you want)
* Predicting what will go wrong
* Thinking about why you can’t do it

The thing is – when our focus is on the opposite of what we want, it’s literally impossible to make things happen. There’s one really super simple thing for you to remember here and if you remember this and nothing else you have ever read on this blog, I promise you it will change your life:

You get what you focus on

Think about this for a moment. And now think about what you tend to focus on when you really want something? Do you focus on what you want? Or do you focus on what’s missing? Or what might go wrong? Or why you can’t do it?

Simple Life Strategy: 10 Steps to Get Exactly What you Want

1. Take a moment to think about something you want (it could be your dream job, your dream house, a vacation, a great relationship or a great network of friends).

2. Now just let yourself think about the thing you want naturally and notice where your mind wanders to?

3. Do you find yourself thinking about the negatives? Why you can’t have that thing? Or what’s wrong with you? Are you convincing yourself why there’s no way you will get what you want?

4. If you are, take a moment to recall how most of your thoughts are utter nonsense. They really are.

5. Ponder how these negative, useless thoughts are not in anyway serving your goal.

6. Choose to focus instead on what you want. Picture what it might look like if you got it? Imagine how you would feel? Think about how different your life would be.

7. Now, hold onto these visions – because they will power you ahead towards your dream. Refuse to let any other white noise or negative thoughts back in and focus, really focus only on what you want.

8. Now consider what you need to do to start turning these thoughts into reality. Start by taking one simple action step towards your goal today.

9. Put together an action plan of other small steps to get you to your goal and focus single-mindedly on these.

10. Now all you need to do is follow you plan and do something each day that will take you towards what you want. Simple! Before you know it you will have exactly what you want!

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