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Category Archive for "mind training"

When Things Don’t Go Your Way | Simple Life Strategy

Charles Darwin had a point when he said: “It is the one that is most adaptable to change who survives.” If you think about it, it’s often our resistance to change that causes us the most problems in life. Generally…

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How to Identify your Learning Style in 5 Minutes | Simple Life Strategy

Did you know there are many different ways to learn? In-fact most of us have a dominant learning style that directs the way that we absorb & remember information. So, what’s the benefit of identifying your own learning style? Well…

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How to Problem Solve | Simple Life Strategy

Whether you think about it or not we are all problem solvers… Every day you’ll be faced with at least one problem to solve. You just might not realize it.  Problems are simply choices. There’s the ‘everyday’ problems – what…

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How to Think Yourself to Success | Simple Life Strategy

Have you ever been told that you can’t do something? That it’s just not possible? Has this deterred you from even trying? In 1954 it was common knowledge that it was not possible to run a mile in under 4…

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How to Use Mnemonics to Power Your Memory | Simple Life Strategy

It goes without saying that most people would like to improve their memory. Mnemonics are memory aids that can quickly help you to remember a list of items, ideas or concepts. This can come in handy both in your personal…

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How Neuroplasticity can Increase Your Intelligence | Simple Life Strategy

Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuro scientist. She experienced a stroke when a blood vessel exploded in her left brain. Because she had studied neuroscience (at Harvard no less), she was acutely aware of what was happening to her as…

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10 Tips to Train Your Brain | Simple Life Strategy

I don’t know about you, but I think most people probably take their brains for granted. The stats say that we only use a mere 10% of our brains which is crazy considering our brain is like the computer that…

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7 Tips To Avoid Bad Luck | Simple Life Strategy

When I was 24 I arrived in Australia looking for a job in Advertising. My intention was to migrate here for at least a few years. I had a one-way ticket. I had exactly 1 year’s experience and no visa….

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Reframe For Success | Simple Life Strategy

Have you ever wondered how some people are always happy and smiley no matter what’s going on in their lives? Perhaps you know someone who doesn’t have much luck in life yet still manages to remain upbeat. Just how do…

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Why Thinking Big Will Dissolve Your Problems | Simple Life Strategy

I came across the most amazing video last night. Last year, time lapse photographer Terje Sorgjerd captured the milky way from Spain’s highest mountain (El Teide) and turned it into an incredible piece of art. You can watch the video…

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