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Can I let you in on a secret?

My cat has a vomit problem. She’s been vomiting up hairballs for the last few weeks and my husband is about to flip his lid…

So today I went off to the vet to get a solution.

As I looked through the premium quality, science-based, fancy pants cat biscuits, my old self went into panic mode…I bet these won’t be cheap I thought…I wonder how much more? (turns out they were 4 times more!)

And when the vet also recommended an extra treatment for another $40, plus a special cat comb to help with the fur…I started thinking ‘can I afford all of this?’

You see, not too long ago, this moment would have been stressful.

This time however, I checked my bank account and realized that spending $100 today on well-needed treatments for my beautiful kitty Peaches, was not going to matter at all.

I could breathe out a sigh of relief.

And it made me stop and realize – this is the power of earning what you’re worth.

It’s not necessarily about the big things, being able to treat yourself to this and that, but about being able to provide for those you love, when the need comes.

And it was a great feeling to say yes to all 3 treatments at the vet today, knowing that I could afford it.

I want peaches the cat to get better. And this is a genuine need.

Have you ever noticed how money gets a bad wrap?

If you’re seen to want more money, then you must be greedy, lacking in integrity or money-hungry.

But the way I look at it – money is neutral (ie it depends what you spend it on) and also it’s your born right to have a life that you love and not to have to struggle!

And besides, the more money you have, the more you can give away to others in need.

People always say to me:

“But it’s just not possible to get paid well to follow my passion…it’s not realistic! I need to get a ‘real’ job!”.

What a load of nonsense!

This is such an out-dated belief (possibly passed down by older generations who had world wars to worry about and probably did struggle to find any job, let alone a job they love!)

But that’s just not the situation now.

The tides have changed.

We have more available to us now.

Honestly, hand on heart, it IS possible to do work that you LOVE AND still get paid well for it.

In-fact the two tend to go hand in hand…want to know why?

Because when you’re doing work that you LOVE, you generally do a damn good job – because it’s usually aligned with your natural skills and talents.

And people are happy to pay you for doing a good job for them.

It’s a simple exchange.

Someone once said to me “Money is nothing more than an expression of appreciation”.

It’s true isn’t it?

Money is like a way of saying thank you – it’s nothing more than an exchange!

So know now, that if you’re not earning what you need to provide for your family and live the life you ultimately want, then all of this awaits you!

Earning more money is not a selfish or greedy thing to want, it’s your right!

And the easiest way to be able to ask for more money and to get paid what you’re worth is to make sure you’re genuinely doing work that you LOVE.

Like I said, when you’re doing what you love, people are happy to pay you for your unique talents (and obviously I need to caveat here that whatever you choose does genuinely need to reflect a skill you have….clearly people aren’t going to pay you for sitting on the couch watching Oprah all day, no matter how much you love it!).

But really today I just wanted to challenge a few of your views around money because, they could be blocking you from moving forward and having the courage to find your dream career…so here’s a quick re-cap:

  1. It’s OK to want to earn more. It’s your right to be able to live a comfortable life and provide for those around you
  1. Money is not bad. It’s not necessarily good either. It’s 100% neutral (depending on how you decide to use it)
  1. The more money you have, the more you can give to others who need it
  1. Money is nothing more than an expression of appreciation: it’s an exchange
  1. People will happily pay you in return for a good job / product / service
  1. You earning more money depends on finding and doing work that you LOVE, work that draws on your natural skills and talents
  1. Things have changed. You have more opportunities than ever before to find and do work that you love!

So what you waiting for?

Get out there and figure out what YOUR zone of genius is! Here are a few resources that might help to inspire you:

>>Success, Inner Genius and the Movie Home Alone

>>Watch this 12 Year Old Girl in her Zone of Genius

Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox too as I have a very exciting free resource coming up that will show you in more detail exactly how to find YOUR zone of genius

Hey – let me know which of the above points resonated with you the most in the comments below? Which one gave you the biggest AHA moment?

With love

Zoe B

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PS: Here’s little peaches the cat (incase you wondered what she looks like) J