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Watch this 12 Year Old Girl in Her Zone of Genius (Warning: You may cry!)

zone of genius

I just watched a 12-year-old girl completely owning her zone of genius.

And it made me well up.

I just felt so emotional.

In fact everyone who watched was emotionally touched at a soul level.

You can just see it in their faces. Big, shiny smiles as they watch this 12-year-old girl step up and OWN her gifts.

You can catch the video below in a sec, but what struck me as I watched this was just how much of an impact it had on everyone around her.

As she belted out the song ‘Defying Gravity’ from the musical Wicked, you could feel the palpable goosebumps on everybody who was there, because they knew they were witnessing something special. It was so beautiful, even Simon Cowell’s little face lit up.

These reactions go some way to explaining why shows like America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and The Voice are so hugely popular in today’s society.

It’s simple. We all instinctively LOVE to watch someone step up into their authentic self and share their amazing natural talents with the world.

We freaking love that stuff!


Because it’s ultimately what we all want.

We all know instinctively that deep down this path is meant for all of us, not just a chosen few.

We ALL deserve to step up, own our gifts and shine like the diamonds that we are.

And THIS is why it’s only natural for us to get emotional when we see this happen to others.

While you may not have a clear talent like being a singer, an artist or an athlete, there is something that is unique about YOU that needs to be expressed through your work.

You have gifts, and your soul won’t stop quietly nagging at you until you start pursuing what these gifts are.

As Oprah would say – this is your calling.

Those nudges that you get, where some deep dark aspect of you KNOWS you could be doing something better, something bigger, something with more meaning, they cannot be ignored.

And in my experience, what happens if we ignore them, is the nudges get louder and louder until you get forced out of your situation and thrust into something new.

This can often come in the form of redundancy or another big life change where you’re forced to stop and take stock of what you really want to be doing with your life.

So, take a moment to watch little Beau crush it on Britain’s Got Talent and try not to be touched. Try not to feel anything as you witness this little girl killing it and owning her zone of genius like a true pro.

My guess is it will be a struggle because let’s face it, this is why we’re all here.

With Love
Zoe B

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P.S. Here’s the video of Beau. Enjoy 🙂


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Hi Zoe,
The video of Beau blasting her number was just superbly amazing! I wish I can simply turn the clock and be as young again!☺️ But such is not the case. I am in my 50s and I must admit, at this age, many people dont consider it as young anymore😉. I left my import-export business when I met my partner about 12 years ago! He signed a job contract working overseas as an expatriate with a big mining co. Life was good for the last solid 9yrs! We fly out for our 10 days quarterly holidays anywhere we want, all paid for by the company! When at the base, I did lots of volunteering work along with fellow expatriates spouses to raise fund for homeless children and underprivileged women and men alike..etc., etc., After 9yrs with the first contract ended, my partner decided to sign up with another company working in the same city. That’s when everything started to feel lukewarm…first few months was ok, after that salary chèque started bouncing….because by now, the Company’s CEO and my partner became good buddies! Salary continues trickling in….to cut the story short, 3yrs down the road, the company layoff half of its staff and we became broke! Shrewd CEO managed to persuade my partner to invest in the company by helping to pay off local staff salaries and upkeep of the office as he has so much faith and hoped that the company will be able to turn around when the local economy improved! We relocated back to our country with nothing much in our bank account!!😥. Now, I must go back to work but I just don’t know where to start! Goes without saying, we were both terribly disappointed and it affected my confidence in going out there to start looking for a job to contribute to move forward to a simple live for both of us!
12yrs having not lifted a finger to earn a living! Where do I begin, I love cooking, I am not afraid of hard work but it’s my super procastination that is delaying and ultimately taking me down. Everyday, I am planning to do something but I end up just doing nothing! Next day is the same …day after day…same thing! I totally lack motivations but as soon as my friends or sisters call to ask to go play card games that my circle of friends love to play….I’ll be out there like a lightening! Is this a sickness, am I heading to doomsey with no hope of improving my destiny and showing the love of my life that I can help him earn money as well and not just him providing for the two of us? I am currently planning to organize a garage clearance sale out front …it’s been several weeks, still no sign of sorting out those stacked of boxes which arrived from where we were living for the 12 long years! So, how to start looking for a new job at this point….let’s alone building a steady career!?. Food truck, laundry service, B&B, home stay.,,,? These are what playing in my head but how?


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