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This week I’ve been inspired by Henrik from the Positivity Blog. This has to be one of my favorite blogs because there’s so much great thinking, great articles and inspiring stuff featured. Henrik recently posted a really insightful article about stepping out of your comfort zone and I feel compelled to share some of these thoughts with you today.

Henrik raises some really important points about how easy it is to just think about making positive changes in our lives instead of actually taking action and doing something about it!

So why don’t people take action?

I like Henrik’s point of view that the core reason people don’t take the required action is because it’s uncomfortable to do so. It’s so true. How much easier is it to just stay as we are, with what we know and just be content with thinking about changing or just talking about changing?

As human beings we naturally crave habits and comfort and I think this is why it can be so difficult for us to change! I also see our natural desire to control as a part of the puzzle too. When we stay the same, we remain in control; we know what to expect each day, we have a regular routine and we feel safe. However, if we dare to try something different, then we are exposing ourselves to the prospect of change! And with change comes uncertainty! And with uncertainty comes….a lack of control! So, we take the easy option. We stay as we are. We take comfort in sayings like ‘Better the Devil you Know’ and we find excuses for ourselves:

* “I’m too busy.”
* “It’s not the right time.”
* “I just don’t have the time.”

If we’re not making excuses about ourselves then, in my experience we put others down in order to make ourselves feel good about where we are. We look for those who have dared to do something different, those who have put themselves out there or have taken risks. And we find things to criticize about them. And all of this distracts us from finding the courage to step outside of our own comfort zone.

Why Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone is the Safest Place for you

I have a theory that stepping outside of your comfort zone is actually a safer option than sticking with what you know. Think about it. What’s the alternative? A wasted life led in fear of making a mistake…a life where you didn’t bother to try…a life where you just settled….a life where you’ll never know just what you could have been? This, to me is a far riskier option and one that I would hate to encounter myself!

Henrik provides 3 really great tips for stepping outside of your comfort zone and you can read them over on the Positivity Blog. In addition I’ve come up with a few alternatives to stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you really can’t bear it then go right ahead. Stick to what you know, stay as far away from the unknown as you can, but beware of what lies ahead of you…

Simple Life Strategy: 5 Alternatives to Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

1. A boring, safe life. There you go, I said it. If you want the boring option then go right ahead, stick with what you know.

2. A life without surprises & excitement. Stepping outside of your comfort zone makes life interesting! It means you get to experience new things and life will constantly surprise you!

3. A life led by fear. If you choose not to step out of your comfort zone, you’re essentially being ruled by fear. Your fear is stopping you from exploring. This is not a very nice way to live.

4. A life of jealousy where you are constantly wishing for other people’s lives. The easiest way to put a stop to jealousy is to get out there and create the life that you dream of!

5. A wasted life! Don’t waste your life by settling for less than you deserve. Life is supposed to be fun and exciting and an adventure! Choose the kind of life you want to live.

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