zebras in love

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. So, I’ve decided to start sharing some really inspiring photographs, because people are so busy living that they rarely stop to appreciate just how amazing life is.

I hope these weekly photographs will encourage you to stop for a moment and appreciate the sheer beauty of the world in which we live.

When we’re inspired, we’re motivated and when we’re feeling motivated, we go out and live life to the max.

So soak up some inspiration, get motivated and get out there and live your life. That’s all.

This week I’m sharing photographs of animals in love. There’s something extra cute about seeing animals from different species hugging each other…and who even knew frogs can hug?!

Life Inspiration Through Photography #1: Animals in love

Cat hugging tortoise


dog hugging kitten

Koalas hugging

giraffes hugging

elephants hugging

frogs hugging

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