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How to Enjoy Guilt-free Shopping

Shopping quote

I recently watched a really informative keynote by Dr Deepak Chopra who revealed that the number one, (not number two or three), but number one thing that makes people happy is….wait for it….


Can you believe it? The research showed that shopping was the most important activity for people in terms of their own personal happiness (in America). In-case you’re wondering, number two was food and number three was sex (don’t even get me started on those two…).

So…I’ve been thinking about a few things. In a world where we are known as consumers instead of people, isn’t it time we figured out a way to at least shop or consume in an ethical manner, with a purpose? If we must shop, then can we at least shop in a way that helps the environment or has a positive aspect to it. And the answer I believe is yes. There are sustainable shopping options out there that allow us to not only gain from the experience personally, but to also give back at the same time.

One of those options is Native Box. This innovative idea involves a (recycled of course) cardboard box filled with eco friendly, sustainable, Australian products to try out each month. The box is delivered straight to your door so it’s like receiving a surprise box of guilt-free treats! I really like this idea – it’s innovative but also gives back to the environment.

native box

native box

native box goodies

In my box I received lots of different products and all were decent travel sized samples (not just small sachets). I particularly loved the Bush Flower Essences face wash serum, which is made of pure essences from native Australian plants and smells just divine! I also enjoyed the therapeutic rose bath salts and the petrochemical free papaya ointment (this works wonders on chapped lips). There was a really nice selection of goodies and it was a nice feeling to know that each of these products was helping the environment in some way.

So next time you feel the need for a shopping spree, perhaps you can take a moment to consider a more ethical or sustainable option? I did it this month and it really made me feel great, while also giving back.

Simple Life Strategy: How to Enjoy Guilt-Free Shopping

1. Consider trying sustainable shopping options such as Native Box

2. When you’re out on your next shopping spree, actively look for the organic, eco-friendly options

3. Next time you’re purchasing a gift, consider how you could give back by choosing something that is sustainable or environmentally friendly

4. When you’re using or trying out your new eco-friendly products notice how much more satisfying it is when you know that these products are helping the environment or local producers in some way

5. Commit to at least become aware of eco-friendly options from now on! It will make your shopping sprees more healthy and support other local sustainable businesses in the process: Win: Win!

Disclaimer: I was given a Native Box free of charge. All opinions expressed above are my own.

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8 Comments. Leave new

Wow, shopping definitely came as a surprise to me. Don’t know how that was worked out, but I think I remember another study done where gratitude was #1.

I think this is a very interesting idea because of the surprise element, haha. But the thrill of drooling over many products to choose from when you shop outside is exciting too maybe!


Hey Jeremy,

Yes the surprise element of the native box definitely adds to the appeal 🙂 Good point.

I’m not sure exactly what the methodology was for the research, I assume they surveyed a sample of the American population and shopping came out as number one. Can you remember what country the gratitude research was from? I think what people ‘believe’ makes them happy and what ‘in reality’ makes them happy are probably two very different things…and I’d imagine whereas gratitude in reality assists true happiness, shopping is more of a perceived happiness!

Zoe B


Great post. Does that mean you get a double happiness boost for shopping and positive shopping. Native boost looks awesome – being based in Australia I am going to put my order in!


Hey Mark,
I like the sound of that – a double win with positive/sustainable shopping 🙂
Great that you’re thinking of trying Native Box, let me know how you get on! Could also be a great gift for female friends or partners!
Zoe B


Great blog Zoe,

I think we should all be using more ethical products, but I have to admit, in terms of the top 3 most enjoyed activities shopping would not be no 1,


Hi Mike,
That’s interesting that you agree with shopping as the number one. I’m still interested to find out if this is ‘perceived happiness’, or ‘actual happiness’?
Zoe B

Harry @ GoalsOnTrack
February 13, 2014 5:10 am

SHOPPING as number one, makes sense for women, but I am not sure that’s the case with men. 🙂


Hi Harry,
Yes you raise a good point. I’m not sure if the research was based on a 50/50 split between men and women. It would be interesting to know if there is a difference between men and women!

Zoe B


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