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Category Archive for "problem solving"

25 Simple Life Strategies for an Amazing 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR readers! I hope as you’re reading this post you are looking forward to 2013 with anticipation, excitement and wonder at what might lie ahead. I certainly am. This year over 35,000 people have visited Simple Life Strategies…

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How to Be Perfect

If you’re looking for ways to be perfect – this post might not tell you what you want to hear. Constantly striving for perfection is one of the biggest mistakes we can make in life. You know why? Because perfection…

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How to Turn an Ugly Life into a Beautiful Life

Life can get ugly sometimes. We all have obstacles and problems that pop up from time to time that leave us thinking and feeling like we got a bit of a raw deal. But does it have to be that…

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10 Tips to Declutter Your Home

Do you ever wish your house had more space and less clutter? More order and less chaos? If you’re like me, you’ve probably wasted a few weeks of your life constantly looking for things amongst all of the stuff that…

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5 Steps to Embrace Change

If you’ve ever moved house you’ll be familiar with the chaos and uncertainty that goes along with it. * Will I like the new place as much as the old place? * What if the new neighbors are a pain?…

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How to Use Language to Your Advantage

How much attention do you pay to the words you speak on a day-to-day basis? Not just verbally, but also silently inside your own head? Language is really very powerful and can directly impact our moods as-well as the moods…

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How to Enjoy ‘Me Time’ Without Feeling Guilty

Recently one of my readers Kath, asked this question: “I was hoping for an insight in how to make personal time a priority without feeling guilty. I find family, work and starting up my own business eats all my waking…

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Why You Should Ignore Everyone Today

This may be a contentious issue – but in my opinion the worst thing you can EVER do is listen to other people. People love to give advice. They love to share their opinions about how you should live your…

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How to Make the Right Choices in Life

A few weeks ago I asked readers what one problem they would like solved. Salina had a really interesting question regarding decision making and how to ‘know’ when you’re making the ‘right’ choices. Salina asked: “I’d love to get your…

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A Case of Winter Malevolance | Simple Life Strategy

Once a year I am forced to face my nemesis. I kid you not – I have tried EVERYTHING to avoid it. I even moved 17,000 kms from one side of the world to the other, in an attempt to…

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