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Do you ever wonder what your life purpose is?

I mean, beyond the shackles of your human existence…

Why you’re here?

How your life can really impact the world…?

How you can make a difference?

And be more authentic to who you are?

It’s a BIG question…but an important one right?

Your life purpose (Or Dharma) can be expressed in your career…your vocation….your business…a passion project or creative venture… in your everyday encounters and just by simply being who you really are.

But often it’s not that simple huh?

To distill all of this huh so it makes sense…

And can be applied practically to our lives right?

My personal Yoga Teacher Jasmine Tarkeshi is here today to demystify ALL OF THIS.

Jasmine (known as Yogapedia – for her extensive knowledge on the yogic texts) is the co-founder of the laughing Lotus Yoga Schools in San Francisco and New York and she has lived and breathed Yoga for the last 30 years.

I’ve been personally practicing with her since 2012.

She’s the REAL DEAL!

And she’s put pen to paper to capture her insane knowledge into a beautiful yoga journal called Good Intentions, out on December 17th.

This book is so profound in it’s simplicity and wisdom (Definitely get yourself a copy >here).

Jasmine and I caught up for a chat last week to shoot the breeze about yoga, life purpose, dharma and her new book…you can catch our interview >right here.

Watch our video interview to learn:

  • How to find your life purpose (a discussion on Dharma)
  • How to find freedom within your everyday challenges
  • How to stop chasing things that you think will make you happy and find your true self

Watch my interview with Jasmine here.

But what if I’ve never practiced yoga?

Fear not, what Jasmine is sharing in her journal (and our interview) is definitely not just for seasoned YOGIS…it’s for EVERYONE. We’re talking yoga philosophy here that goes way beyond the physical exercise known as YOGA in the west.

Come join our conversation with an open mind and heart and you will not leave disappointed my friend!

Tell me – what do you think your life purpose might be? Do you have an inkling? What is your soul tugging you to do? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Zoë B

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