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I have some exciting news to share – Simple Life Strategies has been nominated for the 2013 Australian Blog of the year award.

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If you have ever taken something positive out of this blog, I would like to ask for your support by voting for me.

Just over a year ago I committed to sharing a Simple Life Strategy with you every single week because I really do genuinely want people to live less stressful and more successful lives. I’m truly honored to have so many amazing readers like you supporting me each week.

Winning this competition could help so many other people benefit from the Simple Life Strategies blog – so you too can help play a part in improving the lives of others simply by supporting the blog in this competition.

Voting only takes 30 seconds and really could make a huge difference to alot of people’s lives.

All you need to do is tick ‘Simple Life Strategies’ and enter your information to vote.

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If you feel like you want to give back a little more and really help us win then you could email your friends and ask them to vote too. I would be so, so grateful if you can do this.

The winner last year only had 800 votes so if everyone votes (and gets a friend or two to vote too) we could easily beat this!


Copy and paste this email to get your friends voting:


Please help one of my favorite blogs ‘Simple Life Strategies’ win the 2013 Australian Blog of the Year Award.

All you need to do is vote by clicking on the below link, entering your details and ticking ‘Simple Life Strategies’.

Link to vote:

Thanks so much and check out the blog for yourself if you haven’t already!


Thank you so much for your help and support!

Here’s to less stress and more success!

Zoë B

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