Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Let me guess? You know you should be looking for another job but it’s just too hard!!

You know you have way more to offer than what you’re currently doing…but just how the heck do you find the time or energy to find something new?? Where would you start?

And besides, you may not LOVE your job, but at least you know what you’re in for…at least it feels comfortable. May as well put up with it for now.

Sound familiar?

I get it. I really do.

Even though logically, staying in a job that makes you feel utterly miserable is a ludicrous thing to do, nonsensical even, often it seems like the safest and easiest thing to do.

And that’s why 70% of us do it. Yup, a massive 70% of people, are in jobs they dislike. Can you believe that?

So why the hell do we do it?

It’s simple. As human beings, we’re hardwired to avoid pain. And there is nothing more painful than stepping out into the unknown. It’s terrifying.

This is why even though we may not like our current situation, the familiarity of it feels comfortable to us. This is why we stay.

The thing is, it’s all a big fat illusion. Because are we any safer? Are we really any more comfortable?

No of course not! It just feels like we are.

And it’s this illusion of comfort that results in us getting stuck in a rut for much longer than we ever intended. We make excuses: “I don’t have the time!”, “I’m too tired to job hunt,” “I may as well just stay doing what I’m doing.”

And before long, we’ve frittered away years, decades even, until one day we wake up and inquire “How the hell did I end up here? THIS wasn’t the grand plan?”

If any of this sounds familiar to you at all, then I would urge you to make today different. Instead of allowing your circumstances to dictate your life, take control. YOU choose what you do for work. YOU choose if you follow your passion or stay in a humdrum job for another five years. YOU choose. It’s just that simple.

And let me share a secret with you. Every single person who took the leap to find a new career has said the same thing to me: “I wish I did it sooner.” Or “I don’t know what I was waiting for!”

So jump off the cliff, my friend. The water’s lovely ☺

And if you’re teetering on the edge of the cliff, one foot on the ground, while the other trepidatiously dangles over the edge…here are five simple ways to help you take that leap, because life begins at the end of your comfort zone ☺

Simple Strategy: 5 Ways to Take the Leap Towards a Job you LOVE!

  1. Re-evaluate just how safe & comfortable your current job is. How can something that is making you miserable be comfortable? It’s an oxymoron.
  1. Let go of your excuses. We all have the same number of hours in a day. If you really wanted to find the time or energy, you could. You’re just not prioritizing. I know refugees who have found the time to get a degree while working three other jobs on the side. You can find the time to spend an hour or tow each week on this if you really want to.
  1. Use fear to motivate you (instead of paralyzing you). Ask yourself: “If I went into the future ten years from now and I was still doing this job, how would I feel?” If you’re left feeling miserable, then you know it’s time to make the jump.
  1. Be rational. Ask yourself “What’s the worst that could happen if I tried something new?” and “Could I handle that happening?” You are more resilient that you know, and often the fear its-self is worse than the actuality.
  1. Remind yourself that 80% of fears don’t happen. So the chances of your fears coming true are very slim indeed and therefore you are planning your life based on an illusion.

Now stop reading and start leaping! What ONE thing you can do right now to get you closer to your new career? Go do it!

With love

Zoe B

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