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career change for smart concious women

The Smart Conscious Woman’s Guide to Changing Careers (detailed post)

Most people who try to change careers fail. But this guide’s not about ‘most people’. It’s about smart, conscious women like you. Women who want to make a difference with their work, women who have the brains to do so…

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Do You Know Who You Are?

It’s a confronting question but one that I believe needs to be asked: Do you really know who you are? If I was to ask you: “What’s unique about you?”, could you answer? Or do you know more about your…

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Why Personal Values are Important for Successful Living

August 20, 2012
Zoë B

Coming from a background in advertising I learned early on about the power of ‘brand values’. ‘Brand values’ are essentially the core essence of what makes up a brand and I’ll explain this in a bit more detail in just…

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Are You Constantly Running Out of Time? | Simple Life Strategy

Is Time Stressing You Out? Have you ever felt completely stressed and overwhelmed because you have so much to do? You know those days where your head is a jumble of confusion with so many thoughts flying around that you…

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