Once a year I am forced to face my nemesis.

I kid you not – I have tried EVERYTHING to avoid it.

I even moved 17,000 kms from one side of the world to the other, in an attempt to escape from the claws of my enemy.

The trouble is, as much as I put up a fight, it’s impossible for me to win.

My rival is strong and experienced. And knows how to chill people to the bone.

I don’t stand a chance.

And so, this year I have come to terms with the fact that I have been fighting a battle I cannot win.

“Winter – my malevolent friend. This year I embrace you!”

That’s right, all these years I have been on the run, chasing the endless summer only to be confronted with the icy cold embrace of winter year after year.

And so, after a life of avoidance, (and much whinging about being cold) I’ve decided to face my ultimate fear and somehow find some positivity in the colder months.

We cannot escape them. Even in sunny Sydney.

What I’ve learned is this:

If we don’t have control over a problem, sometimes it’s best to just accept it.

Because it’s tiring trying to fight a losing battle. Successful living is about recognizing which fights we can win…and which ones are not worth our time & energy to fight.

So in 2012 I will fight the urge to say:

<insert whiny voice here>
“I ********  HATE WINTER”

Some might say I’m a little dramatic in the winter months. I live in Australia after-all…but in all seriousness “IT STILL GETS COLD HERE!’ AND I DON’T LIKE IT!”

To be honest, it’s not surprising I have no energy in winter. All that whining and moaning must really tire me out. It’s a wonder I don’t need a rest after each session.

And lets face it, what’s the point? Will each moan result in the heavens raising the temperature a few degrees and sending a little sunshine my way?

Nice idea.

Never gonna happen though.

So instead of moaning, this year I have decided to do two things:

1) Accept that winter is here each year and yes this does mean I will probably get cold for a few months
2) Stop moaning and TAKE ACTION! (I will look for ways to make winter more manageable instead of just moaning for the sake of it!)

If like me, you find the winter months hard, I’ve put together a few practical tips you can implement to make winter a bit more manageable!

Simple Life Strategy: 12 Tips for Staying Warm in Winter

1. Accept it. Resist the urge to fight the cold! The world exists based on a concept of duality. To have hot, we must also have cold. To experience summer, we must also experience winter. Think of it as a natural cycle and change your viewpoint.

2. Learn more. Did you know it’s easier to learn during cooler temperatures? Take advantage of this and find yourself a winter hobby. There’s no excuse – your brain is always ready to learn some new tricks.

3. Wrap up warm. An obvious one – but still something I fail to do each winter. Be prepared for the cold and put layers on to keep you nice & snug. Never leave the house without a hat and scarf.

4. Use oil in the morning. Ayurvedic medicine prescribes the use of body oil in the morning to keep your body insulated. It’s a good idea to apply warm oil (I love coconut oil) to your body after a shower. This is a great way to lock in the heat.

5. Eat warm food. Avoid salads and raw food during winter months and stick to warm foods such as cooked vegetables. This helps to aid your digestion and also to keep your internal heat strong.

6, Exercise. We often feel like moving less during winter months, but a short morning exercise ritual will heat the body up from the inside and kick start your metabolism. Try a brisk walk to work to warm yourself up each day.

7. Use a hot water bottle. I LOVE hot water bottles! They are the most comforting way to warm up quickly! They’re a great way to warm your bed before you go to sleep too.

8. Drink warm beverages. Get the kettle on! Fill up on hot tea and other warm drinks (try to avoid too much caffeine though). You can get creative with home made herbal drinks such as honey & lemon or fresh ginger & mint leaves.

9. Get some sunshine. In Sydney, we’re lucky enough to get quite a bit of sun during the winter months. It’s really good for you to spend 10 mins in direct sunlight each day as this is a good source of vitamin D.

10. Use moisturizer. Dry and flakey skin is a common grievance in winter. Make sure you apply plenty of moisturizer to your face each morning to keep your skin bright and supple.

11. Keep your extremities warm. Our hands and feet can really suffer during winter months. Invest in some gloves and thick socks to keep the heat in! I can’t go past a pair of UG boots to keep my toes warm & snug!

12. Snuggle up. Winter is the perfect excuse to grab hold of someone close to you and snuggle up! If there’s no one special in your life then grab the hot water bottle! It’s just as good 🙂

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