Cassie Mendoza Jones Interview

Have you ever fallen into the trap of comparing yourself to others?

Maybe you wish you were further ahead in your business, life, relationship or career?

It can be so easy to look at others and feel like they’ve got it all sorted out, when the truth is, we’re all just finding our own way.

From the outside looking in, it may look like someone has it all, but this is rarely the case. In-fact often the people we admire the most, have put in 10 years of effort to get to where they are now, and yet we still compare ourselves to them when we’re first starting out.

The point is, we make unrealistic comparisons that can hold us back in life. Which is why I was super excited to chat to Hay House author, Cassie Mendoza Jones about how we can avoid forfeiting our dreams, by getting stuck in this deadly comparison trap.

This topic is important because every time we doubt ourselves when we see someone else doing better, we move one step further away from our dreams and two steps closer to overwhelm and burn out.

In our in-depth video interview, Cassie explains how we can step away from comparisons and into our own power, to live the life we always dreamed of.

Watch our video interview to learn:

  • Some simple tips you can use right away to stop you from wasting precious time comparing yourself to others
  • How to find balance and still achieve wildly successful goals at the same time
  • Cassie’s secret sauce behind finding balance in her own life, including how she managed to find the time to write her first book without getting overwhelmed, stressed out or burned out (this IS possible for everyone!)

Watch my interview with Cassie Mendoza Jones here.

Tell me – how have you stopped yourself from falling into the comparison trap? Leave a comment below 🙂

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