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Do you find that your difficulty lies not in figuring out what you’re passion is, but in working out which passion to focus on?

Do you have lots and lots of ideas that you get really excited about, only to quickly get bored and move onto something else?

Are you sick and tired of being pulled in so many different directions?

And is it time to get focused?

If this sounds familiar then this post is just for you ☺

If you’ve heard of the term multi-passionate then you might already have an idea of what you’re facing here.

Multi-passionate is a term that describes people who have more than one passion in life. So if you have always felt like you’re a bit of a jack of all trades or have interests in lots of different things and not just one main passion then you could well be multi-passionate.

Why being multi-passionate can make it hard to find your passion.

I believe that being multi-passionate is actually a really great quality. It means you have lots of different skills and diverse interests. It often means you’re a creative person with lots of ideas too. When it comes to figuring out what your passion is in life – it can though get in the way slightly. Here’s why.

When you’re multi-passionate you can often feel like you ‘don’t fit in.’ You might look around you and see all of these people who have got it all figured out and just knew what they wanted to do from a very young age. And so, based on this, we can often start to judge ourselves in a negative light.

The problem with this is it can lead to inauthenticity. The worst thing a multi-passionate person can do is try to only have one passion – or to go on an endless search for the ONE THING that they should do with their life.

I believe that true happiness can only be found through the discovery of our own authenticity and our own unique-ness. So if you have always been the kind of person who has lots of interests – then great! Embrace it! Don’t try to stifle this aspect of yourself as you will only end up feeling frustrated.

How to manage your multiple interests when finding your passion

The other thing that can happen for us multi-passionate people when we are trying to figure out our passion is that we can get easily confused. When there are so many great interests and exciting ideas flying around it can be hard to think straight and get focused.

One of the main ways I was able to get around this on my own journey was to develop a strategic process to work out which of my passions was really most aligned to me and my personal values. This is something I’ve developed for my Passion Program and you can read more about that here>> Passion Program.

Something else that I realized when I was figuring out my own passion is that some interests are best left as hobbies. Just because we absolutely love something as an activity or a hobby, doesn’t mean we should turn it into a business or a new career. So know that it’s OK to keep some of your interests and passions as just that – interests and passions. Don’t feel like you have to pursue something just because you love it.

So if you’re multi-passionate and have lots of things on the go, then don’t feel bad about it. Instead choose to embrace your diversity & your creative nature. Know that this is one of your talents and skills and don’t ever feel pressured to be the kind of person who has just one passion. Sure, it might be time to get focused on one of your passions, but know that you can always have other interests or hobbies in the background to inspire you and keep you entertained.

Simple Life Strategy: How to narrow down your passions

1. STOP playing comparisons. Yes some people only have one passion and they have always known what it is – but everyone’s different.

2. Know that you’re ability to have lots of interests is a gift and something to be proud of. Instead of resisting this, embrace it!

3. Get a little more strategic with narrowing down your passions – look to see which ones align best with your personal values

4. Be OK with leaving some passions as passions. We don’t have to try and turn every interest into a new business or career path

5. Take some time to look at which passion will be a better long-term option for you to focus on (and remember to keep your other interests available as hobbies or ways to relax)

Tell me – are you multi-passionate? What are your passions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

And if you know someone who is definitely multi-passionate, share this article with them 🙂


Zoë B

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