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And a Happy Tuesday to you from beautiful Bali…

I’ve been soaking up the relaxing vibes here and learning from the Balinese people – who have a bit of a knack for being happy.

It’s funny because we seem to have it back to front in the west..

We look at happiness as some kind of mathematical equation.

If we do X then Y will equal happiness.

And it’s something I see all the time with my private clients who are looking to find their passion and do work that they LOVE.

It’s this idea that once we figure everything out – THEN we’ll be happy.

And yet the sad truth is – happiness evades us all.

You know – I’m not going to sit here and tell you that if you work with me, you’ll find your passion and all of your problems will be over.

Because – life doesn’t work like that.

And anyone who tells you it does, is a fraud.

The truth is – happiness is fleeting.

We get to experience beautiful moments, glimpses of it and then it disappears and we’re left wanting more.

And then back we go on the merry go round…desperately searching to get back to that happy place we just came from.

Finding your passion and a career you love will not give you consistent happiness.

Because consistent happiness is a myth.

It doesn’t exist.

But what it will give you is fulfillment.

And that my friend is worth chasing.

Because fulfillment is the one thing that DOES make us feel good in the long run.

Have you ever wondered why all of the most successful, wealthiest people on the planet end up becoming philanthropists?

When you get everything you ever dreamed of…guess what?

You’re still not happy.

And so, we return to the search…looking for the next thing that will light us up.

And the reason why all of these success stories all end up at the same place is because this is the best shot we have of happiness.

Fulfillment IS the true happiness that we are seeking.

It’s the one true thing that matters in the long run and the one true thing that will not evade us.

So don’t believe the hype that finding your passion will make you happy, because it won’t.

There will be challenges, you will be pushed to your limits and you will at times want to give up.

But…if you keep going, it will be worth it.

Not for a slice of happiness – but for a lifetime of fulfillment.

with love

Zoë B

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