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Yep it’s true.

There’s a secret, little, “missing link” to leaving your job and finding the work you were BORN to do.

It’s the REAL reason why most of us stay stuck in jobs that we know, deep down aren’t the right match.

It’s also something that most career counsellors don’t talk about, let alone have any solutions for! ????

And so today I thought I’d lift the lid on this very real and very HIDDEN reason why, your desire to do work that you love, is not enough if you don’t tackle this biggie.

The good news is, once you figure out this piece of the puzzle, you’ll be able to transform your career into something that makes your SOUL SING!

You really do have what it takes to find your calling, you’re just missing this vital part of the process.

And this subject might touch a few nerves because we’re going to have to go pretty deep here….underneath the surface….but I know that this my friend, is where the magic happens ???? ⭐️ ???? ✨.

So, stop for a second and think about WHY you’re unhappy in your job? 

“It’s boring”
“I just don’t care about it..”
“I can’t get excited by it”
“It just doesn’t feel like me”

Incoming truth alert! While all of these reasons have some merit, there’s ONE that really, really, cuts to the heart of the issue. Maybe you can guess which one?

Yep the last one – “it just doesn’t feel like me.”

So why is this one the most important?

Because it speaks to one thing that’s lacking – and it’s this one thing that’s causing you THE most amount of unhappiness in your work and it’s this:

Authenticity ????????

Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be happy in your work if you feel inauthentic.

There, I said it.

And I speak from personal experience because I know what it’s like to feel like a fish out of water. It sucks.

Anyone will tell you, I’m the least corporate person on the planet and yet somehow I ended up in the corporate world pretending to be like everyone else. And this is the issue here – and this will resonate with you if you’re in the same situation…when you have to pretend to be someone you’re not at work, life gets pretty hard. And it drains you…pretending drains your energy – have you ever noticed that? How tiring it is to pretend to be someone you’re not, to keep up the façade, it’s exhausting.

So I would put it to you, that for many of you, this is the real reason why you’re so unhappy doing what you’re doing. Because of a lack of authenticity.

And really, honestly, this is where a lot of us take the most meaning from our work, when we’re authentic. And one of the things I love the most about my work is that I get to be me. No pretending to be someone I’m not, no trying to fit in, I can just be who I am because my career is an extension of that.

And what that doesn’t excuse you from is having bad days (because I still have those), and having tough challenges to go up against (because I definitely still get those), but when you feel like you can be authentic in your work, everything gets a hell of a lot easier because…

You feel like you belong. ???????? And this is a core fundamental human need.

And so – when we look to find work that we love, work that lights us up, what we really mean is that we want to find work that is more authentic. And no one’s really talking about this, but it’s something that I’ve seen come up as a core need over the last 5 years working side by side with people from 73 different countries around the world. This need for authenticity keeps coming up again and again and again.

I deeply believe that authenticity is the key to happiness, success and fulfilment.

Because lets face it ~ we all want to just be ourselves, without any judgement right?

Don’t you just want to be who you are?

So, how do we go about finding a more authentic career? It starts with 4 very simple words:

Understanding who you are.

And this is why I spend so much time on this piece in my work, because I know,that if the authenticity piece is missing, then you’ve missed the mark.

And a large part of the problem is that many of us don’t know! We’re so influenced by what society and the media tells us will make us happy, and yet we have no idea ourselves, because we don’t know who we are, let alone what’s really important to us.

So there are actually lots of different ways you can understand who you are; like looking at your personality type, your character traits, your strengths, your weaknesses and one of my ultimate, personal favourites – looking at your values.

Your values are the things that matter most to you ~ and they’re an incredibly strategic and insightful method to help you find a more authentically aligned career path.

And that’s why I spend so much time on the values piece when I work with my students – simply because it’s the key to authenticity ~ and I mean not just in your career, but your entire life.

So if you know you’re in a role that doesn’t allow you to be authentic, then you HAVE to find out what your values are so you can start to find a more authentic career path. If you want some support to go through this process, then I’m here for you ???????? I’ve put together a free training where I take you through a free mini values workshop where I show you step by step, exactly how to find your values. You can register for the free training >>here.
I’m actually really excited about this training, because you’ll not only learn your values, you’ll also learn more about how I work with my students to help them change careers including my bespoke career mapping process. Plus I’m sharing some really INSPIRING stories from my students so you can see the type of career changes they’ve made (and there’s some really cool ones like transitions into Artificial Intelligence, Wellness Coaching, working for not-for-profits and more to show you what’s actually possible).

Register here for my free, 3 Step Process to Find a More Meaningful Career Masterclass
I can’t wait to see you there, but for now I’d like to leave you with this…and its pretty sobering… 

Honestly I feel like right now we live in a pretty inauthentic time. I mean, look around you at the world. I can really sense this collective longing for a feeling of connection and authenticity and belonging.  And that’s what a career change offers up to you, an opportunity to be more authentic by doing what you LOVE. But it starts with you. So take the first step, come to the online training, do the values work and take one step closer towards being You.

Let me know in the comments below, does your job allow you to be authentic?

With love & authentic bubbles of joy ,
Zoe B x

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