Professor Bob Sutton

Have you ever wondered how companies like Facebook and Google succeed? Or just what it takes to create a hugely successful business or organisation?

If you have, then Stanford Professor Bob Sutton has some great tips to share with you today in this video interview.

I interviewed Bob about his new book (co-authored with Huggy Rao): Scaling Up Excellence and he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to success in both small and large organisations.

He’s spent time with some of the biggest multi-million dollar businesses including Facebook, Google, Walmart and Starbucks – and he wants to share their secrets with you today.

Watch the video to find out:

  • Facebook’s surprising core value that sees everyone in their company ‘breaking stuff’
  • The one thing that every successful leader does and why it doesn’t even matter if they get it right or not
  • Bob’s two top tips for business success – and yes you can implement them today!

Watch my interview with Stanford Professor Bob Sutton here:

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