entrepreneur quoteBeautiful soul ❤️ Been umming and ahhing about taking the entrepreneurial jump for a while now huh? I feel you. I was exactly the same. I remember back in my cubicle days, I’d daydream away wondering if I had what it takes to actually make the leap. When would the timing be right? Can I really hack it? Will I make a fool of myself? There were a few signals pointing me in the right direction…check them out for yourself to see if it’s time for YOU to escape the 9 – 5 and become an entrepreneur… 1. More than anything, you want FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY. You just find the 9 -5 stifling. Like it’s crushing your spirit or something. I remember describing it to a friend as if I was a bird in a cage…trapped, my wings lifeless. I just wanted to FLY goddamit.. 2. You already have a side gig….a passion project…a hobby that you LOVE way more than your J,O.B…you just haven’t figured out how to make it official…you’re still kinda dabbling….and yet this thing is ALL you can think about. 3. Maybe you don’t have a side gig yet….but you have tonnes of ideas…you’re always coming up with ideas for new businesses, but you just don’t get focussed enough to pick one 4. You’re sick of doing something day in day out that doesn’t mean anything! You want to do work that will fulfil you…and whenever you look online, there’s nothing that matches what you’re after….so you’re probably gonna have to just create your own job working for yourself. 5. You can wear lots of hats…you’re a bit of a jack of all trades and can pick up new things pretty quickly 6. You LOVE to learn…you’re always doing courses and learning about yourself and new things 7. You like to work hard….you don’t mind working your butt off for something, IF you’re actually interested in it 8. You despise mediocrity. You want to do something DIFFERENT! 9. You’re interested in your own personal growth. The entrepreneurial route is no bed of roses…and you know that your success depends on your own level of self-awareness. That’s why you’re always reading personal development blogs, books and trying to better yourself. 10. You’re not interested in being a millionaire, you just want to do your own thing, enjoy your friends & family more and actually make a difference with your work – these are the things that matter most to you. Nodding your head to a few of these my dear? Maybe 2019 is the year for you! Because the thing is, if you’re entrepreneurial at heart, that stuff is in your BLOOD. You can’t escape it…and you’ll never be truly happy unless you explore it more…it’s who you are. Go on…let me know in the comments what ONE action step could you take THIS WEEK to get you closer to your dream of becoming an entrepreneur? With LOVE ❤️ Zoe B x P.S Did you see any of my 2 minute videos on Facebook last year? Here’s a few juicy ones to get into: