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Double Bay coaching clinic

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A 1 hour energy cleanse treatment will remove any energetic blockages that may have manifested in the body as a result of stress or a build up of negative emotions. Zoë B is a trained Reiki Master and works using this ancient energy process to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing technique that works with the meridian energy channels. By re-balancing the flow of energy in the body, and removing energetic blocks that may have caused signs of ill-health, Reiki encourages the body’s natural ability to self-heal.

Reiki is used to enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of an individual and can be used to treat specific symptoms such as:

  • Stress / anxiety
  • Fatigue / tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • Poor digestion
  • Emotional imbalances (such as anger, sadness, grief or fear)
  • General wellbeing

In addition to a traditional Reiki treatment, Zoë also uses her own specialised mind and body technique to release old behavioral patterns via the body, which results in positive long-term changes.

Zoë finishes this practice by re-balancing the major & minor chakra points to ensure the flow of energy in your body is balanced to promote an increased sense of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Read FAQs for more information on Energy Cleanses and Energy Healing.


Zoë works from a beautiful clinic in the heart of Double Bay, Sydney, Australia. Private treatment rooms provide a relaxing environment to ensure you get the most from your time spent with Zoë.


Standard energy cleanse treatment: $120 (1 hour)

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