Client Testimonials

Megan, Melbourne, Australia

Zoë was a Godsend at an important career crossroad in my life. Seeking clarity, guidance and motivation to change careers at 40, I found my work with Zoë immensely rewarding and instantly effective. After only a couple of sessions Zoë’s coaching gave me the tools and self confidence to be able to make life changing changes. If you need to make some real life changes to find happiness, success, motivation, your life purpose or your self, I couldn’t recommend Zoë enough. Her warm, articulate, humorous and nurturing approach provides a safe and supportive environment for you to make some real progress. I honestly haven’t looked back.

Eloise, London, England

Before the program I felt a lot of confusion over why I felt so lost in my career. Despite it being an apparently “successful career” from the outside, my heart wasn’t it in. I feel much more comfortable and confident within myself after doing this course. Because of the modular, strategic nature of the course, changing careers didn’t feel like the leap it did before. The ‘next steps’ don’t seem scary.

The ‘mapping’ of values, passions, and strengths against different career areas is absolutely genius, and it’s that step that is almost too hard to do on your own - hence this part was absolutely gold dust. I can’t believe I have the option of 5 possible options of career that will satisfy me on so many levels! It’s great. Also to be able to go back and look at the real reasons you like these careers, even when you feel you might waver or not be sure, is worth the investment 100 times over because this is the thing you need when the course is long since over!

Felicity, Queensland, Australia

Before the program I felt confused about how to make my passions a reality and how to move forward with my career. I wasn’t sure whether I would take actions to move forward as this has always been a key challenge for me. Since completing the program I have embarked on a new passion project in 2015 and started a blog – something I had been thinking about for some time, but hadn’t acted on. I also have a solid and achievable plan to move towards a new career while I continue to work part-time in my current field. I feel confident that the plan is realistic and also doesn’t put too much pressure on me, mentally and financially.

Since working with Zoe, I am more inclined to take action. Less thinking and more doing, so to speak! I also have much more clarify around my values and lifestyle visions, something that will now always stay with me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Zoe again!

Radha, Sydney, Australia

My initial hesitations were the cost and if it was worth it as I have done a lot of personal work with coaches, healers and psychologists so was wondering if I would really learn anything else.

It was definitely worth it! I really feel like i have direction now. The highly structured nature of the program (the strategic approach) really helped me to focus and get to the bottom of what was important. The goal setting at the end was great to give me a plan to get started on the new career too. This is the best program/coach I have worked with in regards to this.

Before the program I felt unsure and all over the place. Now I feel more focused and sure I feel I know myself more and if I just stick to my plan, I can do it!

I have already recommended Zoe! She gave great clarity and focus to what is important for me, what would work for me and how to do it. The program was worth the investment and I now have all the work I did and access to the resources she sent me.

Dustin, Sydney, Australia

Before the program my initial hesitations about coaching were that it might be a case of ‘all talk, no substance’ or perhaps a bit ‘airy-fairy’ and unrealistic. These feelings were completely dismissed after I started working with Zoe. I now feel more in control or accepting of situations. I have an inner-calmness and am much more content with life. Before the program, I was much more up and down. I tended to worry about where my life was going or wonder where it might go. Further, I seemed to have no real solution on dealing with those feelings.

After the program, I feel like I have more direction and purpose. And I feel more relaxed and less anxious. Probably the biggest step forward for me was identifying my personal values. I’ve now found a few ways to follow my passion and I’ve already recommended Zoe to plenty of people (maybe I should be on commission J).

Adele, Sunshine Coast, Australia

The Career Coaching Intensive with Zoe was a perfect balance of strategy, guidance and encouragement. There was no chanting or fire walking, just clear and direct communication that encouraged me to look deep within. Through Zoe’s strategic program I was able to get clarity on my new career and a simple strategy to get there.

Before the program I didn’t have a goal and was not motivated. I felt like I was in a dark tunnel on a treadmill. I knew I needed a change but didn’t know what I wanted to do.
I didn’t want to jump into a new career and it just be a “means to an end”. I wanted to have no doubt that I was entering this new phase for all the right reasons and it’s going to be worth it.

After the program I feel motivated, committed to my goals and best of all I’m so excited by what the future holds. It’s worth the investment so that you can be clear and committed to any career changes you make. I would hate to commit tens of thousands to a degree and then decide it’s not for you. I see it as a strategic career investment.

Andrew, Sydney, Australia

I decided to get coaching mainly due to having several goals (some of which seemed to contradict each other) and flitting around from one to the other while never seeming to make any progress. I needed to clarify what I was doing and why and then put together a plan to get there. After speaking with several coaches I decided to go with Zoë as we seemed to click very quickly and she genuinely seemed to know where I was coming from. I was blown away by how much difference working with someone like Zoë has made.

After three sessions I had what can confidently be described as an ‘aha moment’ when everything seemed to come together and click with incredible clarity regarding what I am doing and where I want to be, including the goals that seemed to contradict each other.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zoë whether you are not sure where you want to be, or have an idea and want to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Tea, Barcelona, Spain

Before the program I felt lost, numb, unhappy…and after I feel energized, with hope, loving life again!

I definitely know now that searching for help when you need it is a really good thing. I am now training to be a language professor!

I would recommend Zoe to anyone who is unhappy with his/her career and is prepared to face that and make some changes. Sometimes when we feel bad it is difficult to be objective and to get out there and make some changes, we need guidance and motivation and Zoe gives all that and much more.

For me at the moment when I did this course it was not the perfect time financially, but I couldn’t put a price on finding myself or my path so I think it was worth the investment made.

Jackie, Sydney, Australia

Before the program I felt helpless and very uncertain. Afterwards I felt clearer on what I need to do to make myself happy and fulfilled. For me, it’s not about changing a career – it’s about simple tweaks that don’t conflict with my values and the lifestyle I want.

The framework for the course was excellent and detailed and really helped to steer thinking and the sessions. There was also a good mix of video modules and worksheets. I found myself feeling very energised and bouncing around the house after our sessions!

I would recommend working with Zoe. She’s smart, positive, a good listener and is able to help you uncover little insights about yourself. She also has a very calming presence!

Joanna, Melbourne, Australia

Before the program I was stuck: I knew my current work role was not fulfilling however I didn’t know what was really right for me. I knew I had to make a career change but was concerned that I could make the wrong one and would be no better off.

After the program, I felt Inspired and excited about changing to a new career that was in line with my values and passions. I learnt so much about myself. I would most definitely recommend this course! The program is very easy to fit into your life and it's very affordable.

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