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10 Tips to Declutter Your Home

Do you ever wish your house had more space and less clutter? More order and less chaos? If you’re like me, you’ve probably wasted a few weeks of your life constantly looking for things amongst all of the stuff that…

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5 Steps to Embrace Change

If you’ve ever moved house you’ll be familiar with the chaos and uncertainty that goes along with it. * Will I like the new place as much as the old place? * What if the new neighbors are a pain?…

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How Responsibility can Lead to Empowerment

When I say the word ‘responsibility’ to you, what does it mean? Do you experience negative or positive emotions when you hear this word? For many people, responsibility is considered to have negative connotations. It means burden, routine, monotony along…

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How to Use Language to Your Advantage

How much attention do you pay to the words you speak on a day-to-day basis? Not just verbally, but also silently inside your own head? Language is really very powerful and can directly impact our moods as-well as the moods…

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