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here’s what some of Zoë’s clients have to say…

I was in the process of setting up two new businesses.  I kept encountering a significant ‘roadblock’ which was holding me back – one that I just could not put my finger upon.  I chose to work with Zoe to coach me forward through this issue –  and her confident, elegant approach to uncovering the true issue and then helping me to resolve it completely vindicated my choice in her as my coach.  The outcome was excellent, and I see this as one of the best investments I have made that has returned many times over already.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending Zoe.  She made the difference for me.
Philip,  Executive Director, Resourced Leaders.


There are two great things about working with you Zoe.  1) You get results   2) Your humour, energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  Therefore, I leave our sessions giggling and with a clearer direction and purpose. Zoe, 6 months on and the changes you assisted me with are still going strong.  You helped removed a value conflict that has held me back and gave me a new strategy which means I don’t hit the snooze button anymore!

Kevin, Commercial financial controller


With a week to reflect and test my negative emotion busting session I want to again say ‘thank you’!  Your style and tonality was pitch perfect to guide me through an otherwise scary mind field of locked emotions.  I trusted that you were guiding me through the session to exactly where I needed to be. This week has certainly been played with a ‘lighter’ state and I have caught my mind correcting itself away from a path of guilt, anger or sadness, on a number of occasions. My thinking has quite radically changed and I am excited about what I can achieve with this new and improved mindset!

Carly, Business Team Co-ordinator


Immediately after my sessions with Zoë there is a positive and noticeably different way that I deal with certain situations that would previously have bothered me. Feelings of anger have turned into patience and sadness into acceptance. I have more clarity in my thinking. It’s helped me to make positive changes in my life and allow me to put my shoulders back and be a worthy person in this world.

Salina, HR Manager


Zoë has a calming and incredibly positive presence, and a pandora’s box of tools to help you achieve similar results. I look forward to learning more from her about mastering the mechanics of my devious mind.

Marsha, Art Director


I found the NLP session very helpful with my communication and with influencing skills. As communication is an essential part of my job role and capacity to manage change are essential ingredients in the leadership and management of organisations.- i will be booking for another session soon!!!

Mariah, Marketing Manager


Recently I made a decision to move out of my home and rent it out rather than go broke while trying to set up my own business. I was really dreading having to move out and share again and could not see anything positive about it. Over a series of sessions and using some really clever techniques, Zoe helped me to quickly come to a positive solution. I feel much more relaxed about it now and the time will fly!

Kristina, Operations Manager


Working with Zoe helped me understand and appreciate the importance of being true to yourself. She was not only a very inspiring coach to work with but also has an incredible knowledge and understanding of cognitive behaviour, as well as using some great techniques and tools in the actual coaching sessions.  A truly great coach!

Rebecca, Hosted Buyer Manager

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