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Life Coaching Consultation (1 hour)

If you’re looking for a more balanced, happy and successful life then this consultation with Zoë B will get you on track. This session will assess where you’re currently at in your life including a 360 degree holistic assessment of your overall wellbeing. You will work on improving one chosen area of your life such as increasing your own happiness, finding your unique passion in life or increasing your energy levels.

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Life Coaching and Energy Cleanse Package + chakra re-balancing (1 hr 15 mins)

Combine a life coaching session with an energy cleanse treatment to restore your body and mind to a state of natural health. This package includes a 30 minute life coaching session followed by a 45 minute energy cleanse to remove any energetic blockages that may have manifested as a result of stress or a build up of negative emotions. The 7 chakras are also re-balanced to promote an increased sense of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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 Reiki Energy Cleanse Treatment

A soothing Reiki treatment will help to restore your energy levels leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed. This one hour session will enhance your mental, physical & emotional wellbeing by removing any energetic blockages in the body. Zoe also uses her own specialised mind and body technique to release old behavioral patterns via the body, which results in positive long- term changes.

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LESS STRESS Online Course (self- paced)

Has stress become a part of your everyday life? If you find yourself over-thinking, mentally exhausted or find it difficult to switch off and relax, it may be time to make some changes. This online course includes a workbook and audio program plus a 5 step LESS STRESS model to help you eliminate stress for good.

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Client Testimonials

Hear what Zoë’s clients have to say about her coaching.

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