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Career Change Case Studies

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    Felicity's story

After 15 years in Accounting Felicity decided it was time for a change. She had reached a really senior level and enjoyed aspects of her work but she just longed for a more balanced lifestyle where she could explore her true passions in life. Through working with Zoe, Felicity quickly realised that variety was really important for her and she chose to drop down to a part time Accounting role so that she could pursue her dream of launching a start up travel business.

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    Richard's story

Richard was a project manager when he started working with Zoe. He had got to a point where he felt like his work was a bit meaningless and it was time to make some changes. He had a deep desire to help others and through the program discovered the perfect new career for him: HR. He enrolled in a conversion course and was soon working in a role that enabled him to utilise his people skills and mentor others adding new meaning to his life.

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    Joanna's Story

Joanna was an executive assistant working for a large corporate company when she came to Zoe. More than anything she really wanted the freedom to work more flexible hours doing something she was really passionate about. It became clear that Joanna's passion for raw food would lead her next career change and she very quickly started her own personal raw food blog. Joanna is currently transitioning out of her corporate role as she starts to build her raw food events & coaching business. She has a newfound passion for life and springs out of bed each morning knowing that she now has a clear direction with her next career move.

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    Megan's story

Megan was in recruitment when she found Zoe. She had been unhappy for a few years and was at a bit of a career crossroads. She just wanted to figure out what she was really passionate about…but she had too many ideas and kept flitting between them. She was looking for some direction and help to narrow down exactly what she should do next. Through working with Zoe, Megan realised her passion lay in teaching kids. She enrolled in her teacher training and hasn’t looked back!

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    Dustin's story

Dustin was a leading advertising creative when he came across Zoe’s program. He had a long successful career working in Ad Agencies across Sydney and had started his own business as a freelance copywriter. He had become disheartened with the Advertising Industry and just wasn’t feeling very happy anymore. What used to light him up, now had become a chore. He feared that finding his true passion would take too much time and money. Through the program, Dustin realised that he was actually still passionate about his career – he just needed to tweak a few things. As an ‘ideas man’ he naturally had lots of ideas – but too many to bring into reality. He made some alterations to his working lifestyle and prioritised his passion projects so that he could do more of what he loved. By the end of the program he felt so much more content with life and had more direction & purpose.

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    Belinda's Story

Belinda came from a long successful career in the police force. She had risen through the ranks to a senior level in the force, yet as each year went by she felt more and more like she just didn’t fit in. She found herself constantly getting caught up in office politics and was tired of pretending to be someone she wasn’t. She had so many ideas about what she could do next but just couldn’t decide! Through the program, Belinda discovered her core passion lay in kinesiology. She dropped down to 2 days per week at the police force and enrolled in a kinesiology course to re-train in something that she is 100% passionate about.

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    Wiebke's story

Wiebke was a successful management consultant in a large corporate firm. She had recently completed a course to discover her passion when she came to Zoe. She felt like the course she did was interesting but it hadn’t really given her the action steps to take to actually make some changes. It was a bit fluffy. She was drawn to the strategic nature of Zoe’s program and enrolled through a recommendation from a friend. She had some ideas about what she might like to do but needed an action plan to narrow down her ideas and be certain she was taking the right step. Through the program, Wiebke became crystal clear that Yoga teaching was her core passion. She completed her teacher training and now teaches students all over Sydney.

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    Nick's story

Nick had a long line of businesses behind him when he enrolled in the program. He was unhappy with his current business but had no idea what to do next. Through the program it became clear that Nick’s passion was not one subject matter in particular – it was the nature of ‘business’ its-self. He loved to find successful business models and build up businesses from scratch. We moved the emphasis away from what type of business he did next and focused instead on him finding a business model that aligned with his lifestyle preferences. He is now in the throws of setting up his next business, safe in the knowledge that his happiness is dependent on finding a good model – not the type of business he chooses next.

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    Andrew's Story

Andrew had been in recruitment for years. He had several passions but couldn’t figure out which to pursue next. Through a particular exercise in the program, he had a distinct Aha moment where he realised exactly what he wanted to do next. His true passion lay in trading the markets and he knew that if he didn’t give it a shot he would regret it all his life. So, he did exactly that! He now makes a good income from doing what he loves!

But don't just take my word for it...hear directly from my clients...

Megan says...

Zoë was a Godsend at an important career crossroad in my life. Seeking clarity, guidance and motivation to change careers at 40, I found my work with Zoë immensely rewarding and instantly effective. Zoë’s program gave me the tools and self confidence to be able to make life changing changes. If you need to make some real life changes to find happiness, success, motivation, your life purpose or your self, I couldn’t recommend Zoë's program enough. Her warm, articulate, humorous and nurturing approach provides a safe and supportive environment for you to make some real progress. I honestly haven’t looked back.

Dustin says...

Before the program my initial hesitations about coaching were that it might be a case of ‘all talk, no substance’ or perhaps a bit ‘airy-fairy’ and unrealistic. These feelings were completely dismissed after I started working with Zoe. I now feel more in control or accepting of situations. I have an inner-calmness and am much more content with life. Before the program, I was much more up and down. I tended to worry about where my life was going or wonder where it might go. Further, I seemed to have no real solution on dealing with those feelings.

After the program, I feel like I have more direction and purpose. And I feel more relaxed and less anxious. Probably the biggest step forward for me was identifying my personal values. I’ve now found a few ways to follow my passion and I’ve already recommended Zoe to plenty of people (maybe I should be on commission J).

Alana says...

Prior to the program I was feeling stuck, lost and “dazed and confused”. I had many options in front of me but I felt powerless and fearful to make any decision. As a result, I just continued to ruminate and remained motionless, deciding to stress over the decision making process rather than to put any steps in place in order to gain some clarity and get some plans in place.

After the program, I now feel that I have a clear plan in place and some clear steps about how to move forward. The program has also given me a new perspective on what is important to me and how I operate as a person. Zoe’s career change program has given me an objective viewpoint and clarity in my thinking. It also gave me the opportunity to consider a whole raft of options that I had even never considered or just didn’t know enough about.

Eloise says...

Before taking Zoe's career course I felt a lot of confusion over why I felt so lost in my career. Despite it being an apparently “successful career” from the outside, my heart wasn’t it in. I feel much more comfortable and confident within myself after doing this course. The ‘mapping’ of values, passions, and strengths against different career areas is absolutely genius - this part was absolute gold dust. I can’t believe I have the option of 5 possible options of career that will satisfy me on so many levels! It’s great.

Also to be able to go back and look at the real reasons you like these careers, even when you feel you might waver or not be sure, is worth the investment 100 times over because this is the thing you need when the course is long since over!

And finally the course content was excellent - the videos, worksheets and structure of the course itself was really top quality and well thought through. The videos were also a good length for busy people as were the sheets.

Simon says...

Before the program I was frustrated with my current job. Knowing that I was doing well in a good job, but frustrated that it wasn’t providing me the satisfaction that I was after. Zoe’s program quickly helped me identify the source of this frustration and why my current job (whilst successful) wasn’t meeting my needs. After I felt invigorated and excited about pursuing a new role in a new industry.

I commenced the course hoping that Zoe would unlock my inner stock broker or investment banker.... through the process I learnt that I was in the right career path, just in the wrong industry and employer. I also learnt that my love of investing/gambling should be retained as a hobby.

I would highly recommend this course to give you the greatest possible chance of unlocking that future career or job that is right for you, whilst learning alot about yourself at the same time.

Business Coaching Case Studies

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    Kate | Kate Hore Lacy Coaching

“Zoe taught me sophisticated digital marketing strategies that have seen me generate significant sales revenue in as little as 4 weeks. If you work with Zoe, you will get results.”

Before Zoe and I worked together it all seemed too much – how to sift thorough all the on-line marketing mediums to come up with the best strategy for my business. Zoe gave me a step by step process that formed the base to a successful launch.

I chose to work with Zoe because I knew she had founded her own marketing agency and worked with some really big brands like Disney and Sony, whereas a lot of the marketing consultants out there seemed to be unqualified. I knew Zoe had real experience in the marketing industry and was well respected.

Since working with Zoe I have been able to start a successful sales coaching business. I am now confident I know how to market my offerings to ensure my business and client base grows. Zoe taught me sophisticated digital marketing strategies that have seen me generate significant sales revenue in as little as 4 weeks. She has access to great modalities and business/marketing strategies that really work.


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    Jemma | The Colin James Method

“Zoe worked with us on a specific product launch and her structured approach and super helpful attitude made a massive difference to our results. We highly recommend Zoe.”

Zoe helped us launch our leadership product – The Lizard Management Strategies. She was involved in creating a product launch campaign, ad campaign and boosting our social media exposure to an audience that was brand new to our company.

The team are now using the techniques Zoe showed us within Facebook ads to create ads using Power Editor. This allows us to target our audience effectively and ensure we get the best return on investment.

Without the investment we made with Zoe, we would have launched a product with the same strategy as always. The fresh eyes, opinions and knowledge were invaluable and were well worth the investment.

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    Kirsten | Asher & Co

“I’ve recommended Zoe to several friends already. The money spent was well worth the return.”

I’d never considered getting a business or marketing coach as I actually work in digital marketing and thought I should be able to work this out myself. I’m very glad I did the coaching with Zoe – it gave me a different view and one that was more suited to a small business and start up. Zoe offered insights and actions that I would never thought of on my own. After each session I came away with pages of notes and ideas/actions to take the next step in gaining the much-needed awareness for the business. Zoe gave great tools to help achieve each action.

I really found the tools Zoe offered such as videos, book suggestions and simple yet achievable actions beneficial. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much to do but Zoe breaks it all down into manageable tasks with realistic deadlines. The money spent was well worth the return.

I’ve recommended Zoe to several friends already, as I truly believe the service Zoe offers can help anyone realise their goals.

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    Eve | Silky Jean Ethical Fashion

“Zoe helped me with exactly what I needed and left me with clear notes and diagrams on how to approach what I needed to grow my business.”

When I got in touch with Zoe, I needed to try and formulate a more structured approach to marketing, I find I’m all over the place with it doing bits here and there and not really knowing how to organise and measure what’s working and what’s not. It is very lonely as a start up business trying to do everything and learn so many new things by yourself!  Trying to find relevant help at an affordable price, also time wise, quick focused answers to my questions not sitting through hours of irrelevant stuff!

I wanted specifically to find out exactly how to use facebook for ads its very hard to find good help with this so that you can do it yourself.  I am now definitely on my way with facebook advertising (I was a complete novice).

Zoe is very approachable and friendly and explained and demonstrated in layman terms exactly what I was trying to find out. She is a great teacher and listener. Zoe helped me with exactly what I needed and left me with clear notes and diagrams on how to approach what I needed to grow my business.


All featured client 'stories' demonstrate an idea of what is possible through working with Zoe B. Working with Zoe B does not in any way guarantee that you will find a career in 30 days, or guarantee that you will generate any financial income. Success with this program will depend on the participants own dedication, input and commitment to completing all provided exercises and tasks both during and outside of the course schedule.

The services provided by Zoe B are here to educate individuals on alternative choices when it comes to finding a new career or marketing their business. Zoe B is not in any way responsible for any decisions made by participants in this program. All participants take 100% responsibility for all actions taken as a result of this program and hold Zoe B harmless from all legal action relating to the program.

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