How to START A pandemic-proof LAPTOP LIFESTYLE BUSINESS on the side of your day job

“Historically, challenging times have always stimulated innovation (the industrial revolution came out of the great depression!). Smart women are choosing to lean into the creative & innovative opportunities right now, instead of getting blind-sided by the fear created by the media. This pandemic is the perfect time to set up an online, recession-proof business on the side, so when the dust settles, you can get the hell out of corporate and do something you LOVE, with meaning and on your terms. I’ve created an in-depth 17 page guide that shows you the exact steps to take to make this happen – and it’s free! Simply enter your details below for immediate access. “

Zoe B, Business Strategist & founder of Simplelifestrategies.com

A message from Zoe B…


I know that this pandemic has created alot of fear and many are wondering – what should I do now about my business dreams? Should I even bother trying to set something up? Is it the right time to invest in starting my own business?

The answer is YES.

Here’s why I believe it’s more important than ever to stay focused on your dreams of starting your own business.

First of all – historically innovation has always thrived during challenging times.

When I was at university in London, I studied the curve of innovation.

I was fascinated to learn that the industrial revolution came out of the great depression!

Sounds crazy, but us humans are way more motivated by fear than anything else.

A healthy dose of fear forces us to innovate, get creative and solve problems.

Which brings me to my next point…people NEED help during a crisis. There are in-fact more problems to solve during a crisis than when things are plain sailing.

And business is all about solving problems. I know that there are many ways to serve and help other people via a multitude of business ideas. People need help and inspiration.

For me, business is not all about making money – it’s actually about helping people, providing value.

And what better time to get brainstorming than during a pandemic when everyone is stuck in their homes with extra time to spare?

Please know – I’m not trying to down-play everything that’s going on, this pandemic is a serious situation and my heart goes out to anyone who’s been affected, but ultimately, most of us in the privileged, western parts of the world – we get to choose whether we shrink down or thrive during this time.

We get to choose where we place our attention.

We can focus on the fear-mongering created by the media (who have a huge agenda to sell papers & get high ratings) OR we can use these terrible times for good – to fuel our own dreams and help others in the process.

I believe now is one of the BEST times to put the wheels in motion on a side business, I really do.

Not just any business mind you – I definitely would not recommend starting a traditional business model in the current climate (anything that involves physical products, a brick & mortar store or shop is highly risky right now).

But – the online lifestyle business model is the most risk-free model I know. It requires very low investment, there’s no pressure or stress to get it making money too fast (although this model typically makes money ALOT faster than traditional businesses), you can choose your own hours, do something you love, something with meaning and you can get it all going on the side of your day-job – no pressure.

If I was working from home right now, this is definitely where I’d be putting my time and energy.

When the world zigs – we always have the option to ZAG. Do the opposite. Innovate. Create. Even when the shit hits the fan. Especially when the shit hits the fan. 

If you’d like to know the exact steps to take to brainstorm the perfect lifestyle business idea on the side and how to test it, market it and launch it, all in 6 months, then download my free 17 page guide. I take you through the whole process. It’s yours for free right now. Simply enter your details below 🙂

With LOVE & possibilities,

Zoe B x

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