Imagine looking back on 2020 and feeling AMAZING because you brought some of your biggest dreams to life?

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What would your dream year look like for you?

Maybe it’s bringing a passion program to life that you’ve been thinking about for a while or seriously investing in your own personal growth and doing something for YOU or just the simple act of STOPPING all the hustle and finally learning how to create and live from a place of JOY & EASE.

All of these things are possible with a few tweaks to your mindset and some solid goals in place.

If somewhere along the way you neglected your soul desires and you want to get INSPIRED with some fresh new goals, then this program could be exactly what you need to start 2020 with a BANG.

DREAM BIG is a 3 month, premium 1.1. mentoring experience with me to reconnect to your dreams and bring them to life in 2020

This is about doing something for YOU. Investing in your most inner secret dreams and what you’re truly capable of. You’ll learn how to create more deep inner happiness, peace & fulfilment in your life as we go on a transformational journey together to expand your mindset and turn your soul desires into reality.

Instead of hustling and creating from a place of stress, you’ll learn how to create the things you want in life from a place of ease and flow

Together we’ll bring your soul dreams to life!

It could be a passion project like writing a book, launching a fulfilling charitable idea or getting a creative project off the ground that makes your heart sing!

This is deep soul work and you’ll learn life leadership skills so you can UPGRADE YOU in 2020 and have your most fulfilling year yet.

This mentoring package is not about making more money, changing careers or starting a business – you’ve been there, done that, already earn a good salary and like what you do – now it’s time for something more, something for YOU.

The DREAM BIG program is a life changing, 3 month, soul-shifting immersion for smart, kind hearted achievers who want to expand their inner game and create some real magic in 2020.

I’m personally on call for you for an entire 3 months! Seriously, I’m here for you. If you have a quick question you can email me ANY TIME. You can also PM me on facebook too. You’re never alone during this program. I’m with you every step of the way.

Here’s what’s covered…

DREAM BIG Mentoring includes:

++ X 3 months VIP mentoring with Zoe B

++ Fortnightly private, tailored, 1.1 mentoring sessions with Zoe B (X 6)

++ VIP unlimited access to Zoe B via personal email address

++ Lifetime access to the Dream Big advanced manifesting and mindset techniques and processes (+ cheatsheets, online workshops, templates, scripts, worksheets & more)

++ Personalised mentoring on life leadership skills, mindset, advanced manifesting, honing your intuition, soul-led achievement, meaning & purpose

++ Plus ~ you get access to ALL of my online programs (including Find a New Career in 30 Days, Career to Entrepreneur & 14 Day Career Bootcamp)

This is not a formulaic, step-by-step process to follow – it’s a radical circular program where you get to choose the order of things. You will be challenged to work differently, to trust your intuition and step up to the next version of YOU. There’s nothing like this program currently out there.

~ The Self ~

==> A simple mindset shift to completely re-energise and re-invigorate your life
==> Tools to assess your personality type, strengths and character traits so you can get back to YOU and what’s important
==> The science of successful goal-setting (the 9 Qs you must ask before you set any goal)
==> The Art of meaning & fulfilment – how to ensure your life is feeding your soul

~ Purpose | Vision | Intuition ~

==> Together we work through a strategic process to crystalize your life vision
==> Learn the exact steps you need to take to upgrade yourself from where you’re at now to the 2.0 version of you
==> How to put your intuition ‘on tap’ so you can access it any time, anywhere to influence all your major decisions

~ Manifesting your dream life ~

==> Learn advanced manifesting practices to create exactly what you want in 2020                                       

==> Why saying affirmations doesn’t work and the missing link to quickly & effortlessly achieving goals (it’s effort-less, but there’s some effort required)
==> We work together to create an unstoppable manifesting plan where we come at your goals from every angle to quickly create change in your life

~ Breaking through your FEARS ~

==>  How to identify and break down the subconcious patterns that have been holding you back from living your highest potential                                                                       

==> De-cluttering your mindset and re-wiring it for success so you can be your natural, authentic self and play BIG in life 

==> Take away tools & techniques so you can bust through any future fears you have and stay on track with your goals                

~ Mindset Mastery ~

==> How to create a rock solid mindset – so you don’t get de-railed by your inner fears, doubts and worries
==> A simple mindset tool that will allow you to create with more ease and less hustle
==> The huge mindset mistake most people make when attempting a big goal (and how to avoid this)

~ Resilience ~

==> How to turn your problems into the fuel for your success
==> How to overcome any hurdle that stands in the way of your dreams
==> How to get out of your own way so you can bring your goals to life

Plus get these BONUSES when you join …

Mindset & NLP Coaching

Tailored Mindset work so you overcome any roadblocks you encounter in the 3 months. Plus private NLP Coaching to fine tune your attitude for success (as used by Barack Obama, Tony Robbins, Oprah and pretty much anyone who’s uber successful)

Motivation Mentoring

1.1 Motivation / Confidence coaching to eliminate your inner critic and any internal resistance around taking the leap

Private Facebook Mastermind

Lifetime access to my private mastermind group where you can continue to ask me questions even after the program has finished


Access to the inner workings of Zoe B’s business. ASK ME ANYTHING (no topic off bounds)

Suppliers black book

All the details of my private suppliers, contractors, tech secrets

Online Trainings

Full access to my globally recognised, flagship online program: ‘Find a New Career in 30 Days’ (& all bonuses), plus bespoke video trainings for each part of the process


DREAM BIG mentoring is for you want to start 2020 with a BANG and commit to making it one of the most exhilarating, fulfilling years of your life.

With 3 whole months of personalised support and inspiration to kick off the new year ~ it’s a complete no brainer!

With this premium mentoring opportunity, I’m on hand for you, and checking in with you each fortnight to make sure you stay focussed. I even give you 24/7 access to my personal email address so you can flick me quick Qs when you need to.

This 1.1mentoring program works because I’m there to guide you through the entire process of creating a rock solid PLAN (and a rock solid mindset) for 2020 and I make sure you stick to it (no more hustling for your dreams, let’s make the process enjoyable and meaningful!).


Enrolment by application only
Apply Now!
Got questions? Email:

Limited places available

Join my list of inspiring, kind-hearted clients from all over the world…

Don’t just take my word for it, hear directly from these beautiful souls who have worked with me…

I felt I was lost at sea , having quit my secure job to set up my own PR business whilst trying to raise a young family. I floundered and couldn’t find my passion. Something was missing and I decided to look at how I could change my career. By the end of the programme I was setting dates and putting together real life timetables. It’s happening and I feel ecstatic and privileged to have been able to work through the programme with Zoe. My old career was PR. My new business is a writer, blogger, Ted Speaker and published author helping to take the stigma out of death and grief.
It’s ok to invest in yourself. Think of it as a holiday for your head and your heart.

 was specifically looking for a personal coach, I knew I needed guidance and support and most of all accountability that I wouldn’t have been able to get from an online program alone. Plus I also knew that I would want to ask questions and challenge certain ideas that I needed clarity on. Thankfully Zoe was open to including me in her mentoring program.
I would (and will) definitely recommend this program to others. I think there is so much material out there on how to choose a business, but this program is really good for consolidating all that information, eliminating the fluff and focusing on the important bits. It guides you on a path that will at times push you out of your comfort zone (which is necessary!) but also leads you to a logical conclusion about what you need to do, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve done the right kind of work to come to the decision that’s right for you.
I definitely feel like it was worth the investment.


Wow I can’t even believe how many feelings, thoughts and experiences I have been through. I am very grateful to you, for the wisdom and love you put into your work. It was not easy to get out of my comfort zone, but inside of me this voice kept on telling me this was the right thing to do. 2017 is the year I start my business as an Ayurveda practitioner!

Make 2020 your most fulfilling year yet!
Take action now with private 1.1 Mentoring.

Enrolment by application only
Got questions? Email:

Limited places available

Is DREAM BIG right for you?

I’m extremely selective about who I allow into my 1.1 programs. Due to the hands-on nature of this work, I can only take on a small number of people each year. I only want to work with kind, compassionate people who are committed to taking action and making a difference in the world. If that’s not you then we should part ways now.

Please read this carefully to see if we’re the right fit for each other:

This is not right for you if:

— You want to start a new business or find a new career (I have other programs for that)
— You’re a complainer or naysayer and critique everything
— Your main motivator is money
— You’re not willing to learn new things
— You want to hustle your way to success
— You’re not willing to open your mind and try innovative new ways of doing things

This is right for you if:

++ You’re optimistic, kind-hearted and down to earth! Yes! We’re gonna get along nicely my friend

++ You’re open minded, conscious and want to make a difference
++ You’re in a secure career (or business) that you enjoy and you’re looking to inject more meaning & fulfilment into your life with a passion project on the side
++ You want to upgrade yourself in 2020, PLAY BIG and step into your greatness
++ You’ve already achieved alot in life but it’s come with stress and too much hard work – you’re ready to learn advanced manifesting & mindset skills to make the process much easier & fun
++ You’re ready to invest in your dreams and yourself

Loving words from beautiful souls who took the leap of faith to work with me..

My old career as a Customer Development Manager with Heineken UK is currently supporting my transition to own my own online swimwear business.
The one to one time with Zoe was so positive and inspiring but really subtle in the way she gets you to take action that is led by you so you take ownership. Kind of Jedi mind tricks!

I would definitely recommend this program to others. There are many people I talk to who like the idea of wanting to do something but don’t take the steps, this course supports you to make this decision.

Paula M

Swimwear Label

Before the program, I was really lost and I didn’t know what to do with my life. I still hesitate sometimes but my fear and insecurities went away because I know that I don’t have anything to lose. It is a hard and rough process to find your passion in life but it is not impossible. Having Zoe’s guide was really helpful to go through that process smoothly.
I worked in customer service, marketing and sales but now I’ve launched my own business as an online Spanish teacher.

Spanish Teacher

To me, Zoe had something other “business & career coaches” didn’t have – experience in a high demanding corporate role, a like mindness in healthy lifestyles (yoga & meditation) and a solid program she was able to share with me from the initial consultation which was supported by a process.
I can not explain the shift in my mindset except to say I have NEVER been more CONTENT or HAPPIER in myself.

Since working with Zoe, I’ve gone from being a Police Office to a Wellness Coach and I love it!


Wellness Coach


You’ll need to allow 2 hours per month for your coaching calls with Zoe. Plus, you’ll need time to put into action what’s discussed on your calls, roughly 2 hours per week. Some weeks will be busier than others, but you can plan the program around whatever you already have on in your life.


I used to think the only way to achieve was through hard work and hustle…until I learned there are definitely easier ways. I’m not promising a magic pill – and you definitely still need to work hard, but with the right mindset shifts it is possible to achieve what you want with alot less stress – and alot more fun! Let’s face it – no goal is worth it, if you’re stressed up to your eyeballs trying to achieve it. This program will teach you another way so you enjoy both the process and the end-goal.


Enrollment closes in January 2020. I’m very selective about who gets offered a place and I personally invite people to join if I feel they are a good fit. Places will be filled on a first come, first served basis. I currently have no plans to offer this mentoring program again in the future.


Yes there are short videos for you to watch. You also get full access to all of my other digital programs including my flagship ‘Find a New Career in 30 Days’ online program, Career to Entrepreneur program & 14 Day Career Bootcamp . Most of the work we do together will be in-person, during our calls and over email, but I do also guide you to watch video trainings at different points throughout the process.

Plus I record all of our coaching calls so you can go back and listen to our discussions as many times as you need.


This is not a formulaic, step-by-step process to follow. It’s a radical circular program where you get to choose the order of things. You will be challenged to work differently, to trust your intuition and step up to the next version of YOU – your life will never be the same again. There’s nothing like this program currently out there.

Get on the front foot for 2020!

Take action now ~ apply to chat to Zoe B in person to see if this program’s the right fit for you.

Limited places available

Got questions? Email:
Who is Zoe B?
Zoe B is a globally recognised career change specialist and the founder of Simple Life Strategies, an online education company that helps people looking for a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment from their work.

Zoe has helped thousands of people from over 73 countries worldwide to achieve their dreams by creating a business or new career that truly aligns with who they are. Her coaching & programs help conscious, kind, optimistic people to not only generate the financial freedom they desire BUT also create a lifestyle that provides more meaning and fulfilment to them.

Zoe is a regular contributor to mindbodygreen, LifeHack, MiNDFOOD, and was personally invited by Arianna Huffington to write about career change for The Huffington Post

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