Career To Entrepreneur Facebook Group Guidelines

By being part of this groupyou are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree please delete yourself from the group.This Mastermind group is here to helpyou stay accountable with your entrepreneurial goals. The more you support others and get involved, the more you’ll get out of the group!

**IMPORTANT** This group is 100% PRIVATE which means your friends will not see anything you post in here, nor will anyone be able to search for comments from this group. Only people who have been accepted into the group can see your posts, so please feel free to share openly in this safe and private space.


Introduce yourself

Comment on the posts by other members

Reach out to find an accountability buddy to keep you on track with your business goals

Share what you learn about yourself (your values, interests, strengths, personality type, business ideas & offerings etc)

Ask Qs that will benefit the group during the Q&As threads

Post your success stories & aha moments

Support the community / ask & answer Qs about the program

Share your personal tips, strategies and what’s working for you

Use hashtags (so that people can search for your post more easily). Eg. If you are sharing a productivity tip then use the hashtag #productivity

Search the group for hashtags if you’re looking for an answer on a particular topic.


This forntightly themed post is to help everyone stay accountable and work towards reaching their business goals:#FortnightlyWIP (share where you’re at in the program)


Participation rules:

1.No promotional posts or spam*(no promoting of other Facebook groups, businesses, websites, affiliated promotions or MLM schemes, see below full definition of spam)

2.This is a supportive environment. Please only share positive comments and constructive opinions

3.Give genuine feedback and help others as much as possible. We are hereto support each other to grow and develop in our businesses.

4.No creating or uploading new documents in the group. Any documents/files not created or uploaded by me or my team will be deleted.

5.We ask for a commitment to honesty, integrity, trust, and respect for all members.

6.This is a safe place to be vulnerable and share honestly. Please do not share anything you learn with people outside of the group. Respect each other’s privacy. What happens in the group stays in the group. Please do not copy or share any content posted in the group without prior consent from the original poster. I want this group to be a safe place for people to not only celebrate, but also to vent, and share their challenges and frustrations. We’re all on the same journey so let’s stick together!

7.This group is not the place for technical enquiries if you have a technical question regarding the program please email and the team will respond to your individual technical questions over email. All technical requests will be deleted to keep this space light and inspiring and a place for support!

8.Please leave your ego at the door.

You must not post anything:

if the copyright is the property of somebody else

that might cause a breach of any law or other obligation

that might be defamatory, offensive, pornographic, in breach of confidence or a similar obligation, threatening, abusive, liable to incite hatred or a breach of privacythat might be considered as spam

that infringes any rights belonging to another person


While Zoe B and her team will be in the group and answering questions, we do NOT guarantee that every question will be answered. You may not get an “official” response or any response. If you have a burning question, be sure to post on the Q & As thread within the set timeframe. Note that Zoe B’s participation in the group will be less active on Saturday & Sunday.


Zoe B and the team will moderate posts based on the above agreements and guidelines. Our commitment is to create a safe environment for your growth. To that end, Simple Life Strategies (the company) reserves the right to delete ANY post at any time.While we hope that this group will last a lifetime, we may alter or cease the operation of the group at any time at our sole discretion. If Facebook changes terms, we will try to find an alternate space, but cannot be held responsible for Facebook’s change of terms.


If you post personal information, it will be managed in accordance with Facebook’s privacy policy (over which we have no control).Every post in the group is made by the individual poster, and we don’t accept any responsibility for the content. Let us know and if appropriate, we’ll take reasonable steps to have it removed. If you acquire goods or services from other members, the relationship is your responsibility. You release us from responsibility in relation to such arrangements.


The information provided here and in any Simple Life Strategies courses or workshops is not financial nor investment advice, we do not conduct a financial services business and we do not recommend financial products. We do not hold an Australian Financial Services licence.If you break the rules, me (Zoe B) or my team reserve the right to remove you as we see fit.We reserve the right to change or amend these terms & conditions at any time.

Thanks for your participation in this group!

We are honoured, happy and excited to support YOU to find your dream business and life purpose.

With love,

Zoe B x

(c) Simple Life Strategies. All Rights Reserved. This is for your personal usage only and is not to be shared, copied, used as your own or in any capacity without explicit permission of the owner.

*Full Definition of spam:selling anything (product, services, course, program, business)promoting a webinar, masterclass or live event [periscope/meerkat/blab] posting any images or photos that have your website URL, your business name/logo, or using your businessrelated hashtags on themposting testimonials from clients/customerslinking to a personal blog post or video directly on themain wall (there will be occasional posts for these types of things)posting links to your Youtube Channel or videos that promote you/your businessposting from your business page into the groupasking people to message you for a “free consultation” of any typeposts that read ‘Ask me anything about XYZ’ or the ‘I’m free for the next XX minutes to answer questions about XYZ’ or any other similar variations.

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