Free Xmas Printable Planner

Xmas can be a stressful period. There’s so much to squeeze into such a short period of time and before you know it the year is racing towards 25th December and you are nowhere near organized.

You’ll be pleased to hear that there are a few simple ways to make Xmas go a little smoother. The key to it all is in one small but very powerful word…I’m talking about:


That’s right, if we’re organized then it’s much easier to get more done in less time during the festive period!

Overanalysis at Xmas time

I have a theory that most of the major issues about Xmas are in the mind. We tend to stress and worry about Xmas way before it even arrives and often it’s these worries that create the feelings of stress and unhappiness, rather than Xmas its-self. There is one simple way around this and that’s to get our Xmas issues out of our heads and down onto paper!

The reason Xmas feels so stressful is because there’s a lot to do and organize and all of the things we have to do fly around in our heads creating internal feelings of chaos. All we need to do though, is get them out of our head and into an organized structure on paper.

Introducing the Xmas planner

An Xmas planner will save you time, stress and turn you’re Xmas planning period into a seamless operation! You can download a blank printable Simple Life Strategies Xmas planner below. You can print this off and complete it by hand. I’ve also included an example version for you to look at for inspiration – this one has been completed so you can see what a finished planner might look like. Make sure you tick ‘fit to one page’ when you print these planners.


Example Xmas planner

Simple Life Strategy: How to Use Your Free Xmas Planner

Here is a step-by-step process to use your planner so your Xmas goes without a hitch!

Step 1: Set an intention for Xmas.
This is a really nice habit to re-frame the way you traditionally greet the festive period. Most of us approach it with dread – but this only triggers negative thinking, which can fuel Xmas problems. Instead, choose to set a positive Xmas intention this year. Here are a few examples:
* This Xmas will be filled with fun & adventure!
* This will be my best Xmas yet!
* Xmas will be a peaceful family affair

xmas intention

Step 2: Plan your Xmas gift list
Spend some time putting together a list of each person you intend to buy an Xmas gift for.

Step 3: Gift ideas
Brainstorm gift ideas for each person alongside each name. I’ll be writing up some gift ideas over the next week so keep an eye out on the blog for these. You can sign up here to make sure you’re notified of these gift ideas.

Step 4: Write an Xmas card list
If you’re sending Xmas greeting cards this year (digital or physical), make a list of each person you’d like to greet. You’d be surprised how stressful this small operation can be. So get this out of the way sooner rather than later so you don’t have to worry about it. Take care not to beat yourself up about any people you miss off your list – it’s entirely up to you who you choose and this does not make you a bad person!

xmas planner

Step 5: Meal planner
If you’re hosting Xmas this year, get thinking of meal ideas for the big day. The sooner you can get clear about what you want your meal plan to be, the sooner you will feel relaxed and in control. You can also use this section if you’re hosting any other Xmas events or dinner parties.

Step 6: Xmas preparation shopping list
Put together a list of everything you need for the preparation phase of Xmas. This includes all of your Xmas decorations, party outfits gift wrap, xmas cards etc.

Step 7: Xmas day shopping list
This is your ultimate list including everything you need for your Xmas day celebration. As most of the shops will be shut, it’s important to get this one right in advance! Include all food, drinks, party, fun & games elements here.

Step 8: Xmas games
Have some fun and plan some Xmas games & activities in advance. You’ll see I’ve added a few ideas here for you.

xmas games activities

Step 9: To Do List
This section on the far right of the planner is where you get specific with all of your action items for Xmas. Note each element down one by one (I’ve added a few examples to get you started). Now it’s time to set a deadline for each action item. This will really help you get organized and add some structure to your plan. Deadlines also create motivation and provide us with the energy we need to make things happen. Once you’ve added all of your deadlines, you can also add in a priority number (this is useful if you have more than one item with the same deadline).

To Do List

Step 10: Get to it! Simply follow your super organized ‘to do’ list to a tee and you can’t go wrong! Keep your planner on you at all times so you are 100% organized for the festive period!

Share this planner with your friends and family so they can get organized too!

xmas stress offer

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