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Imagine waking up each morning 100% excited and inspired to get to work!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You've been thinking about changing careers for a while now and it's time to do something about it
  • You enjoy aspects of your existing role, yet you feel like something’s missing and know you could be doing much more with your life.
  • You're eager to do something you LOVE without compromising your financial security or lifestyle
  • You want a career change but need some direction and help to transition out of your current role and into your next one

So what's the secret to finding work that you love?

If you've been in a career for a long time, it can be really daunting to try and figure out how to completely change your career and try something new.

Finding a new career that you really love, is not just about knowing which type of careers or businesses will suit your natural strengths, skills and talents.

You also need to know what you value, what really inspires you at a core level and what options will suit you in the long run.

The good news is - if you have been thinking and thinking and thinking about what you 'could' do but taking no action then you're not alone! Most people come to me after spending more than a year thinking about changing careers.

The crazy thing is - we often opt to stay in jobs that we don't love simply because we can't see a way forward. It all seems too hard.

I went through this exact situation myself and discovered a foolproof process that helps you quickly and easily figure out what the right career move is for you.

And if I can do it - then so can you!

My new career mapping process is a highly strategic method that shows you exactly how to find a new career that you're 100% passionate about in as little as 30 days.

So say goodbye to a dull, uninspiring career and HELLO to an INSPIRED FUTURE!


find a new career

Find a New Career in 30 Days is an exclusive program designed for smart professionals who are ready to get out of the ratrace and into something they really love

You Do Not Have to Risk Everything to Find a New Career that You Love!

In the program, I'll show you how you can have it all! You don't have to quit your job and start all over again! There are plenty of ways that you can transition slowly into your new career or business and I'll show you exactly how to do it.

Life is short! You deserve to do work that you're 100% passionate about!

Listen to me. You do not need to stay in a job that's sucking your soul just to 'pay the bills'. You really can wake up each morning energised about the day ahead, excited to be doing work that really means something to you! All that's holding you back is the 'how'. You just need some advice from someone who has been there and done it.

Intensive 4 week Program

This intensive 4 week program will provide you with all the answers you're looking for. Each week, you'll receive personalised one on one coaching sessions tailored to your unique situation. I will hold you accountable to make sure you get results and find your dream career. Your life is worth investing in! Remember - if you don't commit to making some changes now - nothing will change in your life.

In the Find a New Career in 30 Days Program you will get...

Plus you get...

Enjoy a successful career change fast like these previous clients...

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    Felicity's story

After 15 years in Accounting Felicity decided it was time for a change. She had reached a really senior level and enjoyed aspects of her work but she just longed for a more balanced lifestyle where she could explore her true passions in life. Through working with Zoe, Felicity quickly realised that variety was really important for her and she chose to drop down to a part time Accounting role so that she could pursue her dream of launching a start up travel business.

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    Richard's story

Richard was a project manager when he started working with Zoe. He had got to a point where he felt like his work was a bit meaningless and it was time to make some changes. He had a deep desire to help others and through the program discovered the perfect new career for him: HR. He enrolled in a conversion course and was soon working in a role that enabled him to utilise his people skills and mentor others adding new meaning to his life.

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    Joanna's Story

Joanna was an executive assistant working for a large corporate company when she came to Zoe. More than anything she really wanted the freedom to work more flexible hours doing something she was really passionate about. It became clear that Joanna's passion for raw food would lead her next career change and she very quickly started her own personal raw food blog. Joanna is currently transitioning out of her corporate role as she starts to build her raw food events & coaching business. She has a newfound passion for life and springs out of bed each morning knowing that she now has a clear direction with her next career move.

The Find a New Career in 30 Days program is the only program that harnesses Values work along with a strategic career mapping process. There is nothing else like this. It works because it offers a proven step by step process that very quickly and easily shows you exactly what you need to do to get CRYSTAL CLEAR about your next career move.

I have put my 12 years background working in strategy into this program to make it as simple and effective as possible. All you have to do is follow the program and you will get results.

Program Schedule

  • 1

    Week 1: Career Planning Workshop

  • Be guided by Zoe to access your own set of personal values to determine your perfect career
  • Find out why most people end up in careers they don't love and how you can avoid this
  • Identify why your existing job was not right for you with a career alignment exercise
  • 2

    Week 2: Career Mapping

  • Learn how to identify a career that you're 100% passionate about
  • Discover your passion points, traits, strengths, weaknesses, character traits & personality type
  • Get 'done for you' research element to provide complete clarity about what your unique strengths and talents are
  • 3

    Week 3: 100% Clarity

  • Learn how to overcome overwhelm & confusion when faced with lots of career options
  • Identify your lifestyle vision & find out why this is vital if you want to start a new career AND be happy
  • Learn how to make sure you don't choose the wrong career
  • 4

    Week 4: Transition with Ease

  • The art of meaning & fulfilment - how you can be sure your next career fulfils you
  • How to easily transition into your new career without compromising your lifestyle & finance
  • You'll be given a personalised & detailed action plan to give you everything you need to reach your career goals in 2015

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    BONUS: x10 Video Tutorials

  • Recieve weeky video tutorials that compliment our weekly one on one mentoring and explain in detail the concepts I take you through during our sessions
  • Learn how to overcome any doubts that are standing in between you and your dream career
  • You'll learn how you can access the courage & motivation you need to really go for it and create a future that INSPIRES you

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    Megan's story

Megan was in recruitment when she found Zoe. She had been unhappy for a few years and was at a bit of a career crossroads. She just wanted to figure out what she was really passionate about…but she had too many ideas and kept flitting between them. She was looking for some direction and help to narrow down exactly what she should do next. Through working with Zoe, Megan realised her passion lay in teaching kids. She enrolled in her teacher training and hasn’t looked back!

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    Dustin's story

Dustin was a leading advertising creative when he came across Zoe’s program. He had a long successful career working in Ad Agencies across Sydney and had started his own business as a freelance copywriter. He had become disheartened with the Advertising Industry and just wasn’t feeling very happy anymore. What used to light him up, now had become a chore. He feared that finding his true passion would take too much time and money. Through the program, Dustin realised that he was actually still passionate about his career – he just needed to tweak a few things. As an ‘ideas man’ he naturally had lots of ideas – but too many to bring into reality. He made some alterations to his working lifestyle and prioritised his passion projects so that he could do more of what he loved. By the end of the program he felt so much more content with life and had more direction & purpose.

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    Belinda's Story

Belinda came from a long successful career in the police force. She had risen through the ranks to a senior level in the force, yet as each year went by she felt more and more like she just didn’t fit in. She found herself constantly getting caught up in office politics and was tired of pretending to be someone she wasn’t. She had so many ideas about what she could do next but just couldn’t decide! Through the program, Belinda discovered her core passion lay in kinesiology. She dropped down to 2 days per week at the police force and enrolled in a kinesiology course to re-train in something that she is 100% passionate about.

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    Wiebke's story

Wiebke was a successful management consultant in a large corporate firm. She had recently completed a course to discover her passion when she came to Zoe. She felt like the course she did was interesting but it hadn’t really given her the action steps to take to actually make some changes. It was a bit fluffy. She was drawn to the strategic nature of Zoe’s program and enrolled through a recommendation from a friend. She had some ideas about what she might like to do but needed an action plan to narrow down her ideas and be certain she was taking the right step. Through the program, Wiebke became crystal clear that Yoga teaching was her core passion. She completed her teacher training and now teaches students all over Sydney.

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    Nick's story

Nick had a long line of businesses behind him when he enrolled in the program. He was unhappy with his current business but had no idea what to do next. Through the program it became clear that Nick’s passion was not one subject matter in particular – it was the nature of ‘business’ its-self. He loved to find successful business models and build up businesses from scratch. We moved the emphasis away from what type of business he did next and focused instead on him finding a business model that aligned with his lifestyle preferences. He is now in the throws of setting up his next business, safe in the knowledge that his happiness is dependent on finding a good model – not the type of business he chooses next.

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    Andrew's Story

Andrew had been in recruitment for years. He had several passions but couldn’t figure out which to pursue next. Through a particular exercise in the program, he had a distinct Aha moment where he realised exactly what he wanted to do next. His true passion lay in trading the markets and he knew that if he didn’t give it a shot he would regret it all his life. So, he did exactly that! He now makes a good income from doing what he loves!

But don't just take my word for it...hear directly from my clients...

Megan says...

Zoë was a Godsend at an important career crossroad in my life. Seeking clarity, guidance and motivation to change careers at 40, I found my work with Zoë immensely rewarding and instantly effective. After only a couple of sessions Zoë’s coaching gave me the tools and self confidence to be able to make life changing changes. If you need to make some real life changes to find happiness, success, motivation, your life purpose or your self, I couldn’t recommend Zoë enough. Her warm, articulate, humorous and nurturing approach provides a safe and supportive environment for you to make some real progress. I honestly haven’t looked back.

Dustin says...

Before the program my initial hesitations about coaching were that it might be a case of ‘all talk, no substance’ or perhaps a bit ‘airy-fairy’ and unrealistic. These feelings were completely dismissed after I started working with Zoe. I now feel more in control or accepting of situations. I have an inner-calmness and am much more content with life. Before the program, I was much more up and down. I tended to worry about where my life was going or wonder where it might go. Further, I seemed to have no real solution on dealing with those feelings.

After the program, I feel like I have more direction and purpose. And I feel more relaxed and less anxious. Probably the biggest step forward for me was identifying my personal values. I’ve now found a few ways to follow my passion and I’ve already recommended Zoe to plenty of people (maybe I should be on commission J).

Joanna says...

Before the program I was stuck: I knew my current work role was not fulfilling however I didn’t know what was really right for me. I knew I had to make a career change but was concerned that I could make the wrong one and would be no better off.

After the program, I felt Inspired and excited about changing to a new career that was in line with my values and passions. I learnt so much about myself. I would most definitely recommend this course! The program is very easy to fit into your life and it's very affordable.

Andrew says...

I decided to get coaching mainly due to having several goals (some of which seemed to contradict each other) and flitting around from one to the other while never seeming to make any progress. I needed to clarify what I was doing and why and then put together a plan to get there. After speaking with several coaches I decided to go with Zoë as we seemed to click very quickly and she genuinely seemed to know where I was coming from. I was blown away by how much difference working with someone like Zoë has made.

After three sessions I had what can confidently be described as an ‘aha moment’ when everything seemed to come together and click with incredible clarity regarding what I am doing and where I want to be, including the goals that seemed to contradict each other.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zoë whether you are not sure where you want to be, or have an idea and want to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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about Zoe B

Zoë B is an established career strategist who helps smart professionals find and do work that they love.

Zoë 's initial career saw her found her own marketing business building strategic & creative solutions for global corporate brands such as Unilever, Sony & Paramount Pictures. Tired of the office politics and corporate environment, Zoe went through her own transformational career change to become a coach. She now lives on a beach in Sydney, working flexible hours with no office politics in sight.

Zoë founded the blog in 2012 and attracts more than 12,000 people from all over the world who are looking to define 'successful living' on their own terms. Zoë now utlises her strategic skills to help other corporates figure out what they want to do next after the glamour of the corporate world has lost it's shine.

Zoë was personally invited by Arianna Huffington to write regularly for the Huffington Post in 2014, and also writes for MindBodyGreen and LifeHack.


  • Q.How much time will I have to invest?

    A.I designed this program specifically so it’s easy to fit into busy lives. I know myself how hard it can be to grab even just a few moments to yourself. In saying that, finding a new career is not an easy or fast process. It takes time and commitment on your part. This program involves x4 weekly 1 hour coaching sessions via skype or over the phone, plus there are exercises to complete outside of these sessions. How long these take completely vary from person to person but I would allow at least one to two hours each week to focus on these (if not more). So all up you’re looking at an investment of 1-2 hours alongside each 1 hour coaching session (the equivalent of watching one or two movies). Remember, this is an intensive process and you will be done in only 4 weeks. This program will 100% uncover your passion & the perfect career for you – but it won’t happen without your focus, input and commitment.  If you feel like you can’t find 2-3 hours every week to devote to finding a new career that you LOVE then maybe you don’t want it bad enough at this point in time. That’s completely OK. But I would ask you to consider the alternative which is this: your life will stay exactly as it is now if you don’t take action and commit to making some changes.

  • Q.Will this program definitely work for me? I’ve tried other courses or career coaching sessions that haven’t worked.

    A.Here’s the truth. Alot of people dip in and out of ‘looking for the perfect career’’ without really committing and in my experience this approach doesn’t work. This program is really effective because it provides you with a clear, step-by-step method to find out exactly what you’re passionate about over a set number of weeks. Saying that, if you’re looking for a magic solution that will find you your passion without you having to do much, then this course is not going to provide that. While I can guarantee that you’ll uncover what is unique about you, what your passion is and how you can integrate this into a new career, this will only happen if you commit to your coaching sessions and complete the exercises on time. If you’re happy to invest your time and commitment, then I can show you a successful career path!

  • Q.Does this program mean I have to quit my job and start again from scratch?

    A.No not at all! There’s a common misperception that finding your passion and a career you love involves an Aha moment where you suddenly know what you want to do and then it’s a case of quitting your job and starting a business from scratch, I can honestly tell you that this is not the way it works. This program will give you the opportunity to gradually reveal your passions and you can stay doing exactly what you’re already doing and slowly start to transition across into your new career. This means there is no financial risk involved – you do not have to trade your existing salary & job security to find a new career that you love. If you have a family or a certain lifestyle that you’re accustomed to, you can continue to support this with your existing job.

  • Q.What if I already enjoy parts of my job – do I still need to look for something new?

    A.Often people will have jobs that they quite enjoy with some aspects being more enjoyable than others. They may even feel like they are really good at what they do – they just feel like something’s not quite right; they’re not 100% happy or fulfilled in life. If this sounds like you then I would still recommend you go through the program as this will help you to identify what those gaps are so you can develop a plan to fill in the holes. You deserve more than a career that you quite enjoy, you deserve a career that you LOVE!

  • Q.It’s too late to look for a new career now. I’m so far down a career path, I may as-well stick to what I’m already doing. This is all I know how to do!

    A.Listen to me. It’s NEVER too late to find a new career that you love. Plenty of people don’t find their true passion until later on in life. If you have already wasted a large part of your life doing things you’re not really passionate about then it’s time to take action. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been in one particular career, this program will inspire you to find a new career that you are 100% passionate about.

  • Q.My problem isn’t in finding new career ideas, it’s narrowing down which one to go for! I have so many things that I’m passionate about and I just can’t figure out which one to focus on. Will this program help me?

    A.It’s really common for people to be interested in lots of different careers or potential passions. The skill is in identifying which area to go for. If you have lots of passions in life, this program will show you how to cut through the confusion and narrow down your passions into ONE single career option so you can move forward and start making things happen. There’s nothing worse that being confused, because this stops us from taking action. I’ll show you how to get 100% clarity on your ideal career.

  • Q.Can’t I find a new career by looking on the internet or reading books on this subject?

    A.The truth is there’s ALOT of information out there on the subject of finding your passion and changing careers. If you’re reading this then I’m sure you’ve spent some time browsing this information yourself. When I went through the process myself I noticed two things: 1.There was just too much information – and instead of helping me, this just added to my confusion. Who should I listen to, how can I trust the information? 2.There was plenty of talk, but nowhere did anyone give me a step-by-step plan to get out there and find a new career. It’s this second point that led me to develop this program. I saw a real need for a strategic, guided process that gives you a place to start from, a structure to follow. You’re welcome to try and do this on your own and with the help of books and internet resources, but in my experience this just causes confusion, not clarity. And clarity is what we need for success. And I’m all about success.

  • Q.I’m not passionate about anything! How will I ever find a new career that I love?

    A.I get it. I really do. For so many of us, it can feel like there’s nothing really obvious for us to get passionate about – but I can guarantee you – this isn’t the truth of the situation. Every single person on the planet has something that only they can do, that is unique to them and that really matters to them. This program will help you to uncover what this is for you. Even if you feel like you don’t have a passion, the techniques in this course will 100% help you to find yours. Trust me. There is only one of you. You have something that makes your shine. We just need to find out what it is.

  • Q.I like the idea of looking for a new career, but it’s so much safer to just do what I’m already doing.

    A.Here’s the thing. When you get to the end of your life and look back at everything, how likely are you to say this: “I’m so proud of myself for taking the safe option in life! What a safe, secure & comfortable life I led!” Screw safety. Kiss comfort goodbye. Now is the time to create a life that you love so that when you look back you can say: “Wow! What a life I led! I’m so proud that I followed my passion & inspired others to do the same!”

  • Q.I have an idea of what career I want to do next, but if I’m honest the thought of it is a little overwhelming!

    A.I will take you by the hand and show you how to overcome any fears you have about a new career that you love. It’s not easy to take a deep breath and commit to your dream life – but it is possible. You have two options now – you can either step into your power and go for it! Or you can shrink back down into an ordinary life that doesn’t fulfill you. Step into the future 5 years from now; how would you feel having not taken the chance to find a new career that you’re 100% passionate about? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t waste this moment to become who you were meant to be.

  • Q.How long will the program be available for?

    A.The program is currently open for enrollment during March 2015, however I have a limited number of client spaces available. Once these are taken, there are no guarantees when the next enrollment period will open again.

  • Q.What if I can’t afford it right now?

    A.If you’re looking to minimise your investment then I would recommend you select the payment plan option which works out at approximately $125 per week or $17 per day (less than the cost of your lunch). In my opinion your own personal happiness is worth sacrificing a few meals out for a few weeks. Plus the benefit of doing an intensive course is that you get results quickly. No more waiting around trying to figure out what to do next in your career – 4 weeks and you’re done. I myself have spent tens of thousands of dollars to identify my own perfect career and I don’t regret a cent of it. It is though up to you to decide if your money is better spent on nice lunches, a new pair of shoes, or a night out. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong – these things are important, but how important to you is doing a job you really LOVE, waking up excited each morning to get to work? For me, I always find a way to invest in myself even if that means saying no to shopping or other luxuries for a while.

    Here are just a few comments from some of my previous students about the investment in the course:

    “I think money spent on this is much better than eating out or drinking.” Andrew

    I always believe that for every $1 you invest in yourself, you will get 10 fold back. To get to the final result which left me with a clear plan on how to roll it out myself post these sessions, was great value. ” Allana

    “I have not even thought of the financial investment I made with Zoe – in fact it was an extremely SMALL price to pay for the results I have seen in myself! I’m forever grateful Zoe!” Belinda

    “I feel the investment was well-worth the outcome.” Dustin

    “I think everyone should be prepared to invest in themselves. It was well worth it!” Richard

    “I feel like the results have been well worth the investment.” Felicity

    “The clarity I received at the end of the process was well worth the financial investment.” Jill

    So at the end of the day, you decide if you’re ready to invest or not. But I would urge you to consider the alternative; your life will pretty much stay the same as it is now if you don’t choose to make some changes. And I can guarantee you that the longer you stay in a situation that is not making you happy, the more intense the feelings of unhappiness will become until you feel like you have to do something about it. My advice is not to leave it too late – as Steve Jobs once said: “Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

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All featured client 'stories' demonstrate an idea of what is possible through this program. Purchase of this program does not in any way guarantee that you will find a career in 30 days. Success with this program will depend on the participants own dedication, input and commitment to completing all provided exercises and tasks both during and outside of the scheduled coaching sessions.

The services provided in this program are here to educate individuals on alternative choices when it comes to finding a new career. Zoe B is not in any way responsible for any decisions made by participants in this program. All participants take 100% responsibility for all actions taken as a result of this program and hold Zoe B harmless from all legal action relating to the program.

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